what if you see the bag your purchased with regular price is on sale now?

  1. im currently not in the states and keep seeing people posting bags they purchased on sale. i bought a seasonal bag in Feb and im really worried what if that bag is on sale now.

    i think chanel should do the same thing as Louis, never go on sale. :graucho:
  2. This happens all the time carry your purse enjoy if you had waited you may not have got it.
  3. That is why I refrain myself from buying seasonal designs. I try to get classic pieces because they will never go on sale and their prices are holding well and above.
  4. I agree with lovesbmw. You should buy bags that you are absolutely in love with and will use often. You might not be able to snag the exact same bag at sale price. If its a pretty bag, its probably sold out at regular price.
  5. I would be really upset! I wonder if you could return it and then buy it back? Or like at Macy's you could get a price adjustment?haha....

    Never bought any bags on sale... At least LVs don't go on sale so I can't really comment.

    I must've been in a different planet since I had no ideas of sale items from some premier designers!

    Hoping to score on a sale item.... I should try and save some $ right?
  6. Does Chanel really have sales in the US?
  7. yes look at the shopping section.

    even if your bag does go on sale, the chance of you being able to buy it are very slim. sale bags are hard to get for the most part.
  8. don't feel too bad about the sale bags... there's very limited items and they are most probably the ones that people liked the least because they remained unsold for months!

    i was able to get a JM on sale but in my opinion, it wasn't in its pristine condition... it looks like it was used or something... my husband said it looked new but i'm still happy i got it at a discounted price because otherwise, i would'nt have gotten it at its full price. I would still rather invest in classic bags. So just love your bag! IT must be pretty since you bought it :smile:
  9. Chanel does have sales here in the US.. but truthfully, the bag was bought in

    Feb I don't know even if the bag was on sale now, that one would get an

    adjustment on the price from several months back..

    Just wear the bag & enjoy it ( its usually the fashion bags that get reduced

    not always the classics)...
  10. It happens all the time and has happened to me on seven ocassions over the pst 10 years, before TPF. I just let it go and realize that I have made a conscience, deliberate, well-thought out choice when making purchases and can not become overly concerned with those lucky enough the find the very few bags available during sales time that are quite limited.
  11. Yeah, it's like gambling, how do you know? The bag you bought could be so popular that it doesn't go on sale or it could be so popular that it was all sold out before the sale period.
  12. Agree^
  13. Agree that you just have to wear it and enjoy it! Can't drive yourself crazy worrying about sales down the line ! :smile:

  14. yeah, you are right. it's too hard to get a chanel bag with discount, especially im not even in the states.

    so i will enjoy my bag and buy classic chanel!!! :cool: