what if you never treat your bags before use?

  1. I've never treated any of my bags. The darker color ones I see there's really no use to it... and the lighter color ones.. I've read horror stories on the forum that it may change the color (to an ugly yellow-ish color)!! So... I'm too scared to treat my bags!

  2. Same here!
  3. LOL, that's new to me.:>P

    I haven't treated any of my leather bags until I got some oil stains on one of my unfinished leather ones, then I used Lovin' My Bags Luxury Cleanser Plus on it. It really did not make a difference in getting out the stain! However, I plan to use a few Apple Guard products on all my unfinished or minimally finished leather bags if they are right for them, and then may consider doing it for the more finished bags.
  4. How do you treat canvas? Is it coated canvas or just plain canvas?
  5. I am also Canadian and the winter is long; I never set my bag on a wet floor because of all the salt being use for our streets. Is Apple Guard the best products on the market?
  6. Lovin My Bags probably has better leather care products for handbags, but their products are also pretty pricey. I'd say Apple's products are amongst the best for their lower prices, I think!

    Also, for the OP's question, I've only treated a couple of my bags before use. Most of the others, I carry without treating them, and those have held up pretty well so far!
  7. I love my bags to death and take care when handling them and I never even thought of treating the leather. I don't use suede because it is such a pain in the butt, and that type of leather is the only kind that I would treat if I did.
  8. I treated my Bbags at first with LMB For Handles Only because I didn't want the handles getting dark, but I've since stopped because I rotate my bags so often. If I used the same bag all the time I would definitely treat it. On the other hand, I do not own any white or very light colored bags yet. I would definitely treat those types of bags for fear of color transfer or stains.
  9. Hello all,
    i'm just back from the shoe store (big department one) and bought...
    One stain remover
    anti water spray
    and a nice cream from Balenciaga to treat lambskin

    I used not to treat my bags before, and goodness it was NOT a good idea, removing the stains is much harder than it looks (although i am pretty happy about the results).

    I live in Paris which is quite a dirty city, I have a white chanel that suddenly became 'ash' colored.
    Anyway you should definitely go for it.
    If you're unsure don't hesitate to ask a professional for some feedback before going at it.
  10. It really depends on the type of leather the bag is made from and the colour. In my professional opinion I would always suggest applying a protector to any leather, as it will inhibit dye transfer (jeans), oil-based stains (skin) as well as coffee, wine, etc. The fact that products are so cheap now, I cannot understand why anybody wouldnt protect it - spending €1000+ on a bag and refusing to spend another €10 on protector is crazy!

    Ok, on darker colours you may not notice staining, but the oil from your skin, moisturiser cream will still penetrate the leather and start to cause pH damage and break down the top coat. Regular bi-weekly/monthly maintenance of your bags will keep them looking good for longer.

    Personally I am not a fan of Apple products. From what I have seen they are shoe products that have developed into the handbag market, rather than the product being designed for specific handbag leather.

    Stick with either LMB or THBS who have developed their ranges for handbags and nothing else.
  11. Shame on me but I do use leather furniture cleaner and protector on my bags. They are supple and look very well. I spray my suede ones with a shoe protector (the one that Footlocker sells). My bags usually double as diaper bags and take quite a beating.
    I have a rule to stay away from everything that is advertised too much. But I think a major investment bag deserves good care. Here is some advice from an article I read a while ago (as sources were cited Coach’s leather development director and one of the Green Apple founders):
    1. Light cleaning – an extremely diluted solution of dish soap or baby shampoo and water.
    2. Heavy-duty cleaning – automotive interior cleaner.
    3. Softening – leather honey and polishing coat.

    I am not sure if I can post the suggested brands, but if the moderator gives permission I shall post them here.
  12. Coach actually sell their own care kits now, so its unlikely they would openly say to use mild soap solution anymore. heavy-duty cleaning - auto interior cleaners are STRONG and will strip colout from delicate bags - use at your own risk! Leather honey is an old fashioned product that isnt relevant to current leather tanning and finishing methods. Mainly oil based which will affect the pH level of your leather.
  13. Please, be so kind and enlighten me how do you measure oil pH because they are not water soluble and by definition pH is a concentration of negative decimal logarithm of concentration of H+ (hydrogen cation). It is the other ingredients that can actually provide a media which pH can be measured. So oil based product as Mink Oil can hardly affect leather pH.
    The article is from last year September issue of “In Style” and under it reads “Sources Marzia Brandini, senior director at Leather Development at Coach, David Kistner, founder of Green Apple Cleaners, Jack Linch, manager at E.Vogel.”

  14. I never said measure the pH of oil - I simply said that oil based products will cause pH damage in unfinished leathers. This is fact! Combined with the fact that ALL modern leathers are now finished with waterbased products, there is absolutely no need to use any oil or wax based care product. I hope you are enlightened!
  15. Fact is when you can provide actual data that a leather product with a pH of 4 to 5 is treated with oil based conditioner and it is measured that the pH of the leather has changed. As you are not providing anything else besides your conviction on the matter, I remain a sceptic. To state that a parameter with no known value affects same parameter of another product hardly can be described as fact.
    Try exposing your leather goods at -40oC then to +30oC. No finish can help them unless you use something extra.
    I understand that you consider yourself knowledgeable on the subject but I do believe that this is forum where opinions are freely traded. And yours are just that – opinions.