What if you had beautifully shaped long

  1. and strong fingernails (maybe you do) would you paint them with the current trend of very dark polish, white polish, or what color would you use to paint them? Exclude "french" - Thanks for your feedback.
  2. I've worn both the Chanel ceramic colors, white and black. I also use pink or beige colors during the spring/summer. And red and darker colors during fall/summer. I feel the need to wear nailpolish because it avoids chipping when they get too long.
  3. When my nails were fairly long (since the summer and until a couple of weeks ago) it was all dark polish like blacks and reds. As soon as they get a bit longer I will go back to the dark colors. I tend to do light colors like pinks and pale corals in the Spring.
  4. I don't use dark polish because DH says it makes me look like a witch. My nails are very strong and grow really fast. I usually wear beige colors or just clear polish. He likes the "natural look". :rolleyes:
  5. I go through phases. For a french, I like my nails a little longer. I feel if my nails get to long and they snag pantyhose, I cut them. Plus it gets harder to type. I like long red nails, not black nails.
  6. My nails are painted right now with Chanel's Black Satin.
  7. I like both very dark and very light nail polish.
    That said, with long nails, I don't like the dark colors so much. I think the darker colors look better on short nails.
    So if the nails are long, I choose the light color!
  8. That's what I wanted to hear - my nails are long and thick and too dark, I sometimes look at them and feel like a witch - I think I'll go white tomorrow when I have my manicure - I want them to look beautiful but not scary.
  9. ^^ Good choice!!
    I took my wraps off 2 years ago and have shorter nails now and find that I can not stand dark colors on long long nails anymore!
  10. Getting and maintaining long nails is always a challenge for meee! they always chip or snag. I do the dishes constantly to soften up my hands, my mother thinks i'm being a good daughter, but i'm really just there for my hands lol! I agree, i think dark colours look good on short nails, i also like covering them because i forget about them and in no time, they've grown, but once they're grown out... i like to display em, it's just such a feminine look! But, on the other hand for fall/winter i love the new rich, dark colours, awesome trend...its hot!
  11. I usually wear clear or almost clear pink polish on my nails. But if I do wear a dark color, I cut them very short first. My nails grow fast and are pretty strong.
  12. What a nice fantasy!

    I would pick a soft raspberry-ish but stopping short of fuschia (unless my hands had been out in the sun a lot, in which case I would so do fuschia) blue-pink, to complement my skin tone and the predominant colors of my wardrobe.
  13. for longer nails, I like natural, the darks look best on shorter nails IMO.
  14. ^ ITA, dark on shorter nails.
    Mine are pretty long (squared-off, though) and I'll keep clear, or any translucent color on.
  15. A Pale pink colour be fab looking