what if you can't take the pill...?

  1. okay, you guys are probably going to laugh at me. (which is fine, i understand).

    i can't take the pill anymore (or ever again. had a blood clot in my lung because of it). and i didn't think to ask my doc about any other methods because i had broken up with my bf by that point and it didn't cross my mind. nor have i been with a guy since then.

    and i'm totally not a sexual person- until i get drunk and then i'm in the mood and tend to be a bit more aggresive than i ever would be while sober. while i haven't done anything YET, i am super paranoid and it tends to be in the back of my mind.

    i know i can use condoms- but, honestly, that wouldn't be enough to make me stop worrying when it's a few days before my period. SO, what else can be used- or am i limited to basically condoms?

    feel free to laugh at me now. :p
  2. oops double post
  3. i am supposed to not use the pill.....although i do. There are alot of alternatives. IUD, the patch, the ring, spermacides, diaphraghm, sponge (do those still exist?) POint is theres just many many alternatives.
    But Kallison: use a condom also! lol you don't want to be getting the hiv.
  4. i should specify: i can't take any HORMONAL birth control. so no pills, patch, iud- none of it. and that pretty much narrows it down.

    so basically my options are the type of things i can find at cvs, eh?
  5. Aren't there IUDs that don't contain hormones (Paraguard)? I am a person who can't use birth control pills at all. Though it is usually recommended for women who have had children.

    You could use a diaphragm with spermicide.

    But if you were drunk and in the mood and your partner isn't a long-term relationship it would be better to stick to condoms for other reasons.
  6. ^i would use condoms, no matter what. even when i was on the pill, i did. i'm VERY paranoid. (and somehow i feel kinda dirty saying i get in the mood when i'm drunk...it just helps- i'm a better person when i'm a little drunk).

    see, that's what i heard about some iud's- they're only recommended for women who have had children. sooo...yeah.
  7. You could look into the rhythm method...as well as condoms.
    We just use the pull out method...although most guys don't have such great control, mine does. It's worked 8 years now.
  8. I don't think it's funny at all; in fact, I've always wondered because I don't like taking hormonal methods...unfortunately, I feel that there's somewhat of a limit...

    The only alternatives I can think of are the diaphragm, cervical cap, and the condom...there's also something called the Lea's shield. Unfortunately, I think you might have to get a prescription for these other ones...
  9. really? wow.

    there is NO way i could ever do that. i'd be freaking out.
  10. I can't take any of the pills because they give me bad migraines but my Mirena IUD didn't have that effect. My doctor explained because the hormone level is so low and goes directly into the uterus it doesn't have the same effect.

    If you can't deal with that you could get the IUD without the hormones in it.

    Remember though, IUDs increase your risk of contracting STDs if you sleep with someone who has one.
  11. Heck, no.

    In fact I've gotta go because a result of the rhythm + pull out method wants breakfast before he catches the schoolbus.
  12. The pill made me nauseous - and since my WLS I'm scared to be on a pill because of the surgery's malabsorptive properties. I'm on the nuvaring right now - it's pretty great.
  13. We just use condoms only tbh *almost 9 years now*.
    and never had any accidents..
    Only got pregnant when we were trying for it :smile:
  14. I'm not currently on the pill (though will probably be going back on it soon to treat my endo), and we use condoms and spermicide. I'm not a huge fan of the spermicide (though it's easy to use), but I'm also not a huge fan of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, either.

    I will ALWAYS double up until I'm ready for children.
  15. Ha! I've got a couple of those as a result of my inability to remember to take the darn pill!! :yes: I wouldn't trade 'em for anything in the world though!!:heart: