What if you are selling on both Ebay and Bonanza....

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  1. ....and your item sells on Bonz? How can you end your ebay listing without penalty? I am sure they wouldn't be too happy to know you pulled the listing because it sold on another site. But I imagine people MUST do this. Any help appreciated
  2. There's no penalty as long as there are no bids on your item. You just select "End item" and choose "the item is no longer available" as your reason.

    As soon as an item on eBay gets a bid I pull it from Bonz.
  3. I have 3 different sites....and as soon as a product sells, I pull it from the other sites that its on. Ebay has never penalized me for ending an item!
  4. To avoid item get bid or sold out on both website in the same time I would set the item on one website as for best offer since we never know what happen during we sleep at night... :cool:
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  5. I've never had that problem. ....and I've been selling for close to 15 years. I always have my phone next to my head while sleeping and check it often. I don't sleep very well cause I have a terminal cancer. But when getting up the first thing I do is check my sites to make sure it's okay! !!