What If You Accept A Dinner Invite From Friends At Their Home Have A Miserable Time ?

  1. You except a dinner invitation, have a miserable time, would feel obligated to reciprocate ?
  2. Then I learned my lesson and don't go again.
  3. No...I'd just send a nice thank you card maybe?
  4. Was it with an individual or a couple? At home or at a restaurant?
  5. I might feel obligated, but in the end, I probably wouldn't ask to get together again if it was such a miserable occasion the first time around!
  6. That's a hard question for me to answer. I have been to a couple of dinner parties where they had the potential to become boring and miserable but, I refuse to have a bad time so, I take it into my hands to liven up the party. My husband and I love to make people laugh and feel good about themselves (we're like a tag team) so by the end of the night, not only are WE having a good time but everyone is enjoying themselves too! By the end of the night, we all end up wanting to plan another get-together!:happydance:
  7. For me, the reaction would depend on whether my bad time was food-related or company-related. If I got served horrible food, then I have no problem reciprocating with a dinner at my house and I'll gladly send them home with lots of good leftovers. If I had a bad time because the people were lame, I'd invite them to my house when I have a BBQ or something with a lot of other guests.
  8. If me and/or my SO had a miserable time we would still send a 'thank you' note and/or flowers to be polite. If it was the food we would offer to have everyone over and cook at his or my place, otherwise not their fault if something didn't turn out! If it was bad company we would still send a thank you and not invite anyone to our place.
  9. It depends on what made me miserable - was it the food, the hosts' attitudes, or was it me?
  10. it really depends but if they were boring me to death, i wouldn't invite them to my place at all.. maybe take them out ot lunch with bf and stuff... but not in my place..
  11. if i know for a fact that i will not enjoy myself, i will make up excuses not to go. if i have already accepted the invitation, i will just make sure that i will not stay too long.
  12. I hope that I would be gracious and kind, and then extend a dinner invitation to my home (which is good manners) and hope to repair whatever misery incurred in hopes of a new start. Endure, try to be charming, it is only one evening.

  13. I most definitely would reciprocate! I'd show them how to serve a fantastic meal & entertain their guests properly!
    Move over people & let the Mistress show you how its done!

    I love to entertain & cook for people!
  14. I think that I would invite them back over or try to go or do something with them..even if its going out to eat, it's better then nothing..
  15. If it was a disaster the first time I wouldn't want to do it again.