what if they remove funds from paypal?

  1. What if you deserve a refund (you are the buyer) but the seller has taken the money out of their account? Are you guaranteed the money if everything else makes you qualify for the $2000 paypal protection? :confused1:
  2. Here is the explanation from the paypal user policy;

    13.12 Buyer Complaint Policy Benefits. If we grant a Claim under our Buyer Complaint Policy, PayPal will seek to collect from the seller by debiting the seller's PayPal Account up to the amount of your loss, and you will receive a recovery to the extent that the seller has funds available in the Account at the time we debit the seller's Account. If there is more than one Claim against the same Account, we will process the Claims in the order they are filed, and will pay out on each granted Claim up to the amount of funds in the seller's Account at the time the Claim is awarded, but not more than the amount of the Claim.
  3. So if a seller removes the funds, there's no recourse???
  4. ^Buyer complaint is for non-eBay transactions. You should at least get the amount covered by the buyer protection.
  5. If you paid with a credit card, I believe paypal will refund you whatever has been decided. If you paid with a balance or e-check, I think they pay you what the seller has left.
  6. EXACTLY! This should be a big fat warning to all buyers to ALWAYS use your credit card for paypal transactions. I purchased an item over a year ago that was never received. I paid using a partial paypal balance and the rest on credit card. Guess what happened? You guessed it: The amount that was the balance in my paypal account was never recovered for me. In fact, the claim still shows up in my paypal account as closed, but since I never got that money back, it's still there. Reminding me to always pay with my credit card. If you have a paypal balance, take it out before paying.
  7. If you paid with a credit card via PayPal, you can go to your cc company and file a charge back. This will guarantee a full refund (although it can take up to 90 days for the claims to process/finalize).
  8. this is all such great information. thanks!!
  9. i agree very very veryyyyy useful. THANKS!!
  10. So under 'Buyer Protection', if the seller removes the funds, you can still get your full refund from paypal?
  11. The Paypal guide doesn't give the same stipulation for Buyer Protection as it does for Buyer Complaint about the funds having to be recoverable so I would assume it doesn't matter whether the money is there or not. But better to not find out in my opinion by avoiding the shady sellers!
  12. If the seller has no money in the account, PAYPAL will reimburse you from their own pockets up to the value of the buyer protection. For new sellers, the protection is only $200 (This is the amount I got back when the seller had no $ left in her account). For more established sellers, the protection is $2000 so you will get everything back.
  13. aww cool Thanks Babyjlo and cola262 for that! :smile:
  14. I have to repeat what others have said, NEVER pay for an item with existing funds from your paypal account. Empty out your account and pay with a credit card instead. That way you will be completely convered. I have found lately that Amex has the best policies if you run into a bad transaction.
  15. How do you get all your money out of your Paypal account? I had about $1000. and they would only send me a check for $500. (one per month) I know you can provide the with a bank acct. #, but you can only get $400. per month our of that. So how do I get the other money out?