What if the money tree shed its leaves...

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    ...and $1,000 fell from it? Assuming you would spend the money on a handbag, which bag(s) would you buy and why? Ready. Set. Go!
  2. I see that this thread is getting a bunch of views, but no one has decided to reply. :crybaby:
  3. Oh this is easy.

    If I have to stick to <$1000, I'll buy a pair of nude patent CL So Kate's.

    If I could go over, I would buy another pre-owned Chanel flap (most likely a reissue).

    Why? Because those two are at the top of my wish list but my money tree just isn't growing!
  4. $1k isn't a lot for what I really really want like my holy grail BTH, so maybe another Gucci Disco Soho and in black or fuchsia.
  5. LV Speedy if you don't already have one......
  6. Ooohhh I could do so much with 1K€! I'd probably get a nice Lancel or Mulberry wallet and a black Mulberry Effie hobo. Many have 1,000 € extra to spend any time, I've never been rich (and with the rate of shopping I'll never be, either :P ) so to squeeze a 100 € bag in my monthly budget would be a chore. That's why I shop rarely and have to think things through. :smile:
  7. Convenient to have interpreted "Euros" from the "$" in question, you just got a free ~$350 in the process. :lol: just teasing.

    Let's see, $1k USD is about £600 at the moment. Most of the bags on my wishlist are a bit over that limit. Assuming I can't use the money to just partially fund a bag, I'd probably go for the Aspinal of London mini Hepburn in navy lizard. It's basically a rip-off of the LV Alma bb, but I prefer this colour/texture combo to anything mono, vernis or epi. Plus it's about half the price of a leather Alma bb.
  8. These are great thoughts, everyone. Thanks for sharing them. Keep them coming :smile:
  9. Hmmm $1000 maybe a Givenchy Mini Pandora or Givenchy Easy Tote
  10. I'd pick up a pre-loved vintage Chanel piece.
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    LOL I somehow just took it for euros without even bothering to check - oh well, let's lose the wallet then and go for a Mulberry Dorset tote! :lol: