What if seller doesn't sign for returned item?

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  1. Long story short I was sold a used bag described as BNWT. After several days of haggling with the seller, she finally agreed to a return ONLY after I opened a Paypal claim and it froze her account. I mailed the back back to her ASAP, via USPS Priority Mail and of course did signature confirmation to prove she received it for my records. I also sent her the tracking into as soon as I have it.

    When she finally agreed to the return, she also asked me to cancel the dispute. Because I caught her in a few lies, I told her I would, as soon as my money was returned.

    Anyway, USPS has attempted t deliver the bag to her and now it's sitting at her post office for a few days. I have written her to advise it's there and heard nothing. What should I do if she refuses to sign or pick it up?
  2. I assume that you meant that you BOUGHT a bag...??

    You should notify PP of the tracking info AND the fact that delivery has been attempted and package remains unclaimed.
  3. I did buy a bag. It was listed as BNWT and showed up very used. The seller finally agreed to the return when I first opened the claim, but hasn't signed for or retrieved the package from the post office. She also is ignoring my e-mails. Can I still give PP the tracking info even though the claim hasn't been escalated?
  4. first of all, escalate to a claim right away. ASAP. you should have escalated it already.

    then call paypal and tell them the situation and give them the tracking info.
  5. I just escalated. This seller has been a nightmare. At least confirm that you know it's at the post office and intend to retrieve it. It's been two days!