what if people think my gucci joy boston bag is fake?

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  1. i wanna get my first gucci bag and the highest i'll spend right now is on the joy boston ($680) and it has the gg plus fabric, mostly everyone not that quite familiar with gucci bags might assume its fake since its not the normal un-coated canvas that you see everyyyyywhere.

    what do i do about this? lol get it and be ready to deny it being fake when someone calls me on it and pull out the reciept? or use the money on an lv damier speedy? (i like the gucci brand better and already have an lv eva clutch).

    i mean before i knew about this forum, i would probably assume it was a fake cuz its not the normal canvas and the coated gg plus fabric looks all blurry and pale in comparison. =x
  2. I say get what you want to get, and if anyone questions the authenticity, just say politely, "it's authentic." EVERYONE has an opinion. What really matters is that you know it's authentic. You have nothing to prove to anyone else. :yes:
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  4. Don't wory what others think, just get what you want.
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  5. You know it's authentic, that should be enough.
  6. I think anyone that is familiar with Gucci will recognize the GG plus fabric. However, if knowing for yourself that the bag is authentic will not be enough to keep you from worrying what others might think, you probably shouldn't buy it. :smile:
  7. Agree with Luv Classics

    - The feeling of owning a genuine gucci overshadows everything else :happydance:
  8. It doesn't matter if they *think* it is fake, you KNOW it is not.

    Funny story: I had my black/brown GG plus Boston out on Friday and apparently some girl gave it a nasty look and said, "yep, that's ANOTHER nasty fake" my GF didn't tell me because she KNEW I would not be so kind about it. Please know the BEST part is that SHE was wearing a fake LV! She is SO lucky I was not the one who heard her!

    At the end of the day, I know I can wear that baby with pride and KNOW I have the real deal and don't really care what the not-knowing think.

  9. Exactly!

    :rtr: Don't dumb down for the stupid, don't join others in their madness.

    I would have let you 'have her' Beenie :devil:
  10. Beenie, I'm sure the biotch new she was carrying a fake. Or maybe not since she's so ignorant. I'd let her have it if I was your friend. ;)
  11. I buy what I want regardless whether someone thinks it's real or fake. I live in Florida so you see a lot more LV than Gucci. People that automatically assumed someone's carrying a fake usually don't have much going on for them.

    Beenie, I would have rip that ***** a new *******. What is wrong with people?!
  12. People will assume it's fake even if it's the popular GG canvas that everyone has. People assume everything is fake. I wouldn't let that stop me. Real Gucci fans know that Gucci bags come in more than 1 fabric.

    PS I have a Gucci in the GG plus and carry it with PRIDE! =)
  13. Get what you like and forget the rest...

    It does not matter what other think...