What if it's the perfect Birkin except.....

  1. for a Shooting Star? Perfect color, perfect size, perfect hardware, almost perfect leather, perfect price. Shooting Star. What would you do? :s

    And......if you were me....and could only have one more bag for a long while and you were waiting for a Plume Elan GM (which may never show up in the leather I want in MY life-time) and a vintage Box Kelly, would you throw it all to the wind for this bag???? :shrugs:
  2. Man, D, this is tough for me to decide because, as far as I know, you haven't tried a Birkin on for size have you?
  3. That's a toughie! When you say almost perfect leather is it in terms of condition or the leather you want? Since you can't take it in to H to get it refurbished, right? If it speaks to your heart more than the Plume I'd do it. But if it's just that you might not be able to find the Plume but you like the Plume more I would hold off because you know the second you can't get it, it will appear out of nowhere! :flowers: :flowers:
  4. Yup! One day a long while ago they had ONE in a 30cm (Potamos) in SF and it was the PERFECT size. And then I held Orchids 35cm and thought it was a bit big for me. 30's my girl for everyday, I'm thinking.
  5. shopmom:

    is it a brand new birkin in perfect condition?
    I would consider it only because I know you have a good H collection there..the chance of it being really used and beat up is minimal. if you are really careful with it..maybe it's ok? adding a shooting star to your collection is quite special! :heart:
  6. Oh, right, and you did try on my 35cm! I have to agree with CB on this, you get this Birkin and the other two bags will land on your lap soon after.
  7. HG....yeah, that's always the way it goes!!! LOL!!! THEN what would I do??? Don't mind passing on the Vintage bag because they seem to pop up a lot.

    Fesdu......it's not brand new but it's in great condition! Do you have one with a shooting star??? I think someone on tPF has one but I'd have to go back to the Members Hermes Items thread to find out....
  8. Shopmom...if it is great condition I say get it! For example, my box kelly is near 15 years old and looks like new. I have never had it in for a touch up. Some bags never need to be at the spa if you treat them with care. DO NOT let that stress your decision. Please live for now!!! DO NOT worry about the "what if"!!!!!!!

    One more thing...I buy every single bag as if it were my last. Just make sure you love it and you will be soooo happy. Another bag may be in your future, but if not...then you are at peace because you really thought it out!!!!
  9. That's tough, but even if the shooting star is a lovely thing I wouldn't take it. I can't deal with knowing that I can't send back in my bag for both repair and refurbish, not with such expensive bags.

    There surely are very good professionals ou there, who perfectly know what they are doing but you are never too sure.

    Bags are getting used = they need professional care.

    Would you like your H bag to be touched by somebody who is not approved by H? Are you sure they would use the same products and techniques even if they assure you that they will and even if they are very good craftsmen, will they be good enough?

    I restore fabrics laces and knitwear for H, so I know what I am talking about. Sorry.
  10. I would say...'pass it' What if something happens to your bag? What if it gets too dirty? You can't get any of those cleaning & repair service with shooting star bag...I mean it is unique bag with shooting star. But Hermes bags are just too expensive to be wasted when something is damanged. Being able to repair bags is a really important for having 'peace in mind'.

    I would freak out all the time to carry a bag with shooting star for in case for damaging the bag!
  11. Well, here's the other thing, guys....and I really need some advice on this one.

    I've got my 32cm Togo Kelly Mou (now that I know what the dang thing really is) in Chocolate. I've always felt that this was my answer to the 30cm Birkin even though it's nothing like the Birkin in style. Because size wise it's comparable and the leather is the same as the Shooting Star bag. This is why I've never looked at Togo for a Birkin before....you know?
  12. shopmom:
    nope..I don't have a shooting star. I also forgot who has one..hmm..
    if it's in supergood condition..;) :graucho:
  13. I believe LoveThatThing and NefariousMuze have shooting stars.
  14. Not withstanding my problem with my cerf Yeoh bag which, (I had no idea when I bought it), could not be refurbished, I always thought that one bought Hermes primarily for the workmanship and for the maintenance of the bag and the leather itself. The shooting star would mean no maintenance - hence to me that is only 1/2 the Hermes equation. Not being able to get an approx 4 grand US handbag repaired by Hermes is really upsetting me, so not being able to get a Birkin repaired would be even more upsetting to me anyway. Just something to think about.
  15. HG!!!! Just got my Les Vitrines book!!! FedEx just arrived!!!! WooHoo! Took long enough.....maybe this will take my mind of shooting stars and Birkins although I highly doubt it....