what if its not perfect!!!

  1. hey pf girls!

    just wondering what you guys do when you just bought something and when it's sent to you...there are some defects, quite small, but they are still there?

    would you guys return it? or just keep it and deal with it cuz its not really big enough for ppl to see, but yet you know its there and it bothers you :weird:

    any thoughts? reason im asking is i just received my bag and the lock was already peeling, and there was a dent in it (on the back tho, so not that obvious). two spots on the bag are kinda dented as well (small though) im guessing from the hardware on other bags when they were shipped...soo what to do??
  2. What style was it? Some of the bags you buy as "new" aren't. I forget who it was, but someone here bought a Chloe that had a bunch of Starbucks napkins in it and that someone clearly had a good time with it prior to returning it.

    Personally, for a new bag, and the price you pay, I think it needs to be perfect or they need to give you a substantial discount. Send it back! If the lock's already peeling, it's only going to continue peeling with more use.

    Good luck!
  3. Even the new bags - untouched - peel. Metal rubbing on metal will peel. Can't stop it from happening.

    My Bowler was shipped brand spankin new, and it is peeling.
  4. If it was brand-new from a retail store or elux, I would return it in a heartbeat. If it was from ebay and it wasn't disclosed, I would ask for a return on a portion of the selling price. It depends on how much it irked me.
  5. Thats the kind of thing that puts me over the edge. I would for sure return it or exchange it for one that is perfect! That is why I have a hard time buying a used bag even if its almost new...I bought a MC speedy recently, in used but great condition...I have carried it twice and ready to get ride of it. I will not buy another used bag unless it been carried like once! (whew...went off there for a minute!! sorry!) I think you should be totally happy with a new purchase of any kind!
  6. My whiskey Edith came BRAND NEW with a black mark on the handle. The store had only ordered three, so I was going to have to wait until the pre-fall shipment (July/August) to have it replaced...but I fell in love with the bag (black mark aside) and they ended up giving me a discount. But I still think it's an outrageous price to pay for an imperfect bag! So if you can exchange it right away, do...or ask for a discount.

    (Now let's see if I KEEP this one...)
  7. jacquelinez it sounds like you have a good amount of doubt about your whiskey pocket.... not fun for having spent so much! :sad2: We've all discovered a certain level of flaws (lack of quality control?) with Chloe, and great differences in the textures of leather. It's what makes them unique if you're lucky, and frustrating if you're not. I forget where you got yours, but whiskey pockets aren't so rare that you can't get another and have to put up with this ones flaws. Perhaps you should try to get another to compare, or in a different color since you where thinking twice about the color too? You might find the second bag knocks your socks off!
  8. I'd return it if it has defects.
  9. I returned a red paddy last summer, back when paddys were much harder to come by. I knew I'd have to wait months for another paddy - but there was a dent in the leather (a round, unnatural looking dent caused by hardware) that kept bugging me. It probably would have softened up and fallen out, but for the money, I wanted something I wanted, exactly how I wanted it. If I were you, I'd return it and get the bag that is PERFECT for you.
  10. I agree. If you are buying something new, it should be new. When you are being a "previously loved" item, you know what you are getting ahead of time.
  11. yeah i totally agree with you guys, esp when its so much money!! i ordered it from Saks ny cuz the one in chicago didnt carry any! however, im just scared if i send it back and get another one, it will just be a vicious un-ending cycle lol and shipping fees are going to shoot way up.

    asking for a discount sounds good tho hehehe wonder how i would do that! any suggestions? :biggrin:!

    ill take some pics of the "defects" so all you experts can help me decide! once again, thanks so much for your help - i think you guys are the only ones i can complain and talk so much about bags with and yet you guys wont wanna kill me!
  12. You can return it to Saks in chicago (save on shipping fees) and if you have a decent SA in Chicago, she can have a bag sent to you (at no charge) since your local store does not carry the merchandise.
  13. Yes...and she should arrange for another one to be shipped to you at no charge. Or you can send pics of the damage to the Saks you purchased from and see if they offer you a discount or replacement at their expense.
  14. My taupe paddy was perfect except for a crease in the leather on the back. I also found a chip in one of the rivets, but it turned out to be a bit of gunk that I promptly got rid of. I guess it depends who bad the damage is.. I'm not going to go through the hassle of returning my bag just because of a crease, and especially one that's bound to happen at some point (the price of a slouchy bag).

    Jacquelinz can you take a photo of the peeling lock? I'm wondering how bad it can get! Mine is perfectly okay, but I haven't used it yet.
  15. Jacquelinz - it really *can* be a viscious cycle of buying and returning to find the bag with the perfect hardware. And then when we do find it, the peeling eventually happens. When my Noir arrived from the Boston NM store with a chip on the back of the lock (a very small one), I convinced the s/a to knock ten percent off the bag which she agreed to. Still not satisfied, I called a couple more NM's and found another Noir. Had it shipped, spent more in shipping fees. This one had much better leather, but the back of the lock had several long, shiny scratches (and the s/a told me on the phone it was perfect!). Regardless, I liked that bag so much better that I returned the first one (the one I got the discount for) to the lying s/a. Now you're probably wondering why I didn't switch locks before returning the bag. Because they were *two different colors*! One was more gold and the other was bronze, and the bronze (scratched up one) actually felt less hollow than the gold. It just looked nicer and felt stronger.

    After that, I vowed not to try to find another Noir! As long as the front of the lock looks fine I'm okay with it, and the leather is divine!

    Definitely call your s/a and let her know you're not happy and would like another because your mind won't rest until you do. But it's not a good idea to return yours in case the next one has stiffer leather or dented rivits, etc. You might want to try ordering from NM or BG online if they have the pocket in Whiskey and compare both together, then return the one you don't want to the faceless, voiceless, online site.