What if I want to darken/deepen the color ?

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  1. is there any type of lotion that will actually darken/deepen the color of your bbag? i would like to permanently darken some leather panels on a bbag that are uneven, ie darken those panels to even out the allover color. i have read a thread that the ALDO DEFENSE does indeed deepen the black bbags, but i am unsure if this is permanent or just temporary ? to my knowledge, LMB feel soft and Apple Conditioner won't darken the leather at all. thanks so much and please let me know if any of you have any insight to this ! :smile:
  2. Apple Conditioner actually darkened my Bbag. Then again, right after I used the conditioner, I sprayed the bag with Apple Garde. I'm not sure if it was that combo or if the color Tomato was especially sensitive to the product, but my Tomato City definitely got darker.

    There've been some threads about Lubriderm on Bbags, which seem to have caused darkening as well. I'm not sure about using that though, since it wasn't made for use on leather.
  3. thanks jira! you sprayed it immediately after apple conditioner, so the bag was still a little damp when you prayed it right?

    i just ordered the spray so once it arrives i'm going to test this out, thanks so much!!! :tup: