What if? Help talk me into buying the Carly.

  1. I want the large Chocolate Carly so badly but in my mind the what if's keep popping up!

    I've never spent that much on a fabric purse before.........so

    What if I spill my Diet Coke on it?
    What if anything gets spilled on it?

    I want to buy it because I want to carry it as my main bag. I'm not that rough on purses but I have been known to throw my purse in my car or put it on the ground.

    I am so in :heart: with it but I want it to be my purse. I don't want to have to treat it with kid gloves.

    So how durable are they? What about stains? Do those of you with fabric bags that cost $$$$ watch every move you make?


  2. I would rather spill coke on my fabric purse than on my Legacy bag!!! At least you can clean it! If you are prone to a dirty bag - can I convince you to buy the kahki or the denim instead????
  3. I know some people with the scribble bags that are either cotton or twill and they look like carp. Remembering what they look like is what has kept me from buying some things I want because I know if it gets dirty like that, I'll be really bummed.
  4. I was in my Coach Boutique today and saw the Cotton Carly's. While I do think that they are beautiful in their own right, I would not buy one because I know that I am a mess and that the bag would not stay clean for long.
  5. I read somewhere here that someone asked a Coach employee about staining the cotton and they said just be careful because it's impossible to clean! Don't get it if you think you'll stain it, I know I'd get ill if I spent that much on a bag only to get it dirty right away. =(
  6. Humm, the Legacy is looking better and better.
  7. The care card inside my cotton Carly said it is treated to be stain and water resistant. I don't know HOW stain resistant it is. I bought the denim one because I love the color and I thought the blue would stay "looking clean" longer than a bag with a light background.
  8. It has a type of scotch guard on it. You should probably invest in some sort of fabric protector and occasionally spray it down. If it is already dirty and you spray it you will only seal in the stain - so take care of it from the start. I have a spring patchwork from last year and it still looks clean - but I have been fairly careful with it (but did use it as a diaper bag for about 4 months last summer.....this is why it no longer holds it's appeal for me.....maybe I should sell it.....)
  9. The blue in your blue jeans will transfer on to the light parts of the bag if it rubs against your hip as you walk. It's unfortunate.
  10. Now I'm starting to have doubts about getting the cotton carly. I don't want it to get dirty. I'm used to dark bags. Hmmm...
  11. See I'm a blue jeans girl too so the majority of the time I would have on jeans or capris.

    The Leather Legacy is really pretty and it seems to make a bit more sense. Or maybe the Large Soho. Or even a darker color fabric like the Holiday Patchwork or the Signature Legacy.

    Knowing me I would buy the Carly, carry it immediantly and spill something that day. I know myself to well.

    Thanks everyone!