What if Costco sold your dream bag? Good thing or no?

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  1. All this talk of the Spys being sold at Costco had me thinking... Would I be put off if they started selling Balenciagas there? My conclusion was... hell no! I'd be all over 'em like white on bread. :lol:

    I was curious as to what you guys felt... What if Birkins (or whatever your dream bag was) started being sold at discount stores? Would this put you off them? Would it be good/bad for the brand or company?
  2. I already love Costco...this would only stregthen the deep warm feeling I have in my heart for Costco :love: !!!
  3. lol I second that!
  4. third that!!
  5. It wouldn't bother me at all. I saw a watch I'd previously purchased at a high end boutique and then saw it a year later at Costco...I'm just angry I could've saved money!
  6. I love a bag because I love a bag. Doesn't matter if I bought it at Chanel or Target. If getting it from Costco means I can save some money (for more bags, of course!) or afford a bag I couldn't otherwise....I'd say yahoo!!!
  7. A Fendi's a Fendi, a Chanel's a Chanel, and so on........
    No matter where you get it, it's the same bag!:biggrin: (I do admit though, that I love walking out of an expensive store, shiny bag with overpriced purchase inside in hand :shame: I'm terribly vain.)
  8. It won't bother me at all either.
  9. ^^^ Same here.
  10. It would not bother me, but judging from the orig. thread about the Fendi in Costco, many on this forum do care.
  11. Don't think its bothers me, unless there's a great reduction in price!
  12. costco is the great love of my life, second only to my husband. :biggrin: my costco only carries 3 seasons ago kate spade noa print canvas. not so appealing. but you can get tag haur watches for a couple hundred dollars off and their diamonds are spectacular. if i'll buy spendy sparklie pieces of compressed carbon there, some dead cow in a pretty shape shouldn't bother me. :biggrin:
  13. It wouldn't bother me either. You like the bag for the bag and getting it at a costco shouldn't change that. It's just another store allowing others who might not have a store that has a spy for instance obtain one if they could.
  14. I got my first Prada at BJs (similar to Costco) ... so no I have no problem with it ...
  15. Hey, if you can get the real thing cheaper, I'm all for that! viva la costco!