What if color no longer available...

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  1. So, in addition to me longing after a Campana, I am also interested in the Sloane. The Ferro Sloane has caught my eye and I think it is a great color.

    I am debating on waiting to get the Ferro Sloane but I am also a bit nervous that it will be a color that will be discontinued or "go away".

    I also heard that this happened to the Ottone which was in high demand - one day it was around, and the next they were all gone.

    What are your thoughts on the subject? Did you feel like screaming when the color you wanted was no longer available?
  2. With the Campana, I must admit the only problem I have is the double handle, where one of them always slips off my shoulder. I seem to remember the Sloane has one thick handle, right?
  3. Hiya! Yes, the Sloane has one thick handle. Beautiful bag.

  4. Oh yes! I miss Peltro - a distressed silver nappa leather. I only have one bag in it and tried to get more. Beautiful...
  5. I think that Ferro was originally a seasonal colour but now several years later is still around and therefore I suspect it might now be a classic colour, although I don't know that for sure. However, even classic colours are sometimes discontinued (RIP Noce) and therefore if you really want it but don't want to take the plunge now, I would at least make sure with your SA that it isn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future...
  6. Yes, I scream everyday, because I want a MINI OTTONE CABAT! do you think I was heard in ITALY?

    You will love the Sloane...one of my favorite styles..
  7. Oohh Ferro is nice! I'd say get it. I missed out on my colors Pourpre & Carmino.....oh how I wish I knew BV sooner! Now I'm on a look out for these colors on eBay and/or Consigment stores.
  8. Thanks so much for sharing the link! Beautiful bag and the color is great. That being said, I tend to stick with safe colors...I guess I am a bit boring LOL I think I would have to see this color in person first too.

    These bag decisions can be quite tough LOL
  9. Go with Ferro, you will not be sorry.
  10. I have Ferro Roma, but until I saw the color and the style I was not keen on either... go figure! Now I love my Ferro Roma, love the color, love the style! I like that slight shimmer in the Ferro, it just sets it apart for other greys...

    Sloane... I could go on & on... Love my Sloane!!!!
  11. ferro!!!
  12. Get Ferro! You won't regret it. It's one of the best greys from BV.
  13. nappa umbria is being phased out; and ferro is a nappa umbria color......
  14. :shocked: Oh no! Ferro is such a great color :-s:shucks: Is nothing sacred?