what if a server spilled wine on your LV bag?

  1. If your in a restaurant and your bag is on the seat next to you and a server spills wine or soda and it stained your bag...are they responsible?
    this is a hypthetical question...thank god!
  2. It happened to a friend of mine. She was in tears but the restaurant did NOTHING.:cursing:
  3. his life or a new bag would be the only two options the restaurant would have :cutesy:

    seriously though..i don't know what I would do. I am not sure that the restaurant would replace it, they may adjust the bill though
  4. That's TERRIBLE!!! I'd never return to that restaurant ever again.

    How about we reverse the role now...what if YOU spilled spilled wine on a customer's LV bag?? I work at a fine dining restaurant and that is probably my worst nightmare...spilling any liquid on my clients. Worst--LV bag!!! I'd probably apologize a million times, pay for some of the bill, do whatever I can to compensate...and expect $0 tip :sad:
  5. uhh i think from now on, i'm gonna keep my bags far away from servers! just in case!
  6. We were hoping that they would comp at least some of our meal if not all of it. NOTHING!!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    It's hard to imagine what I would do if I was the one who spilled something but surely restaurant can at least offer to pick up a cleaning bill or something. Is that too much to ask?:shrugs:
  7. Yes, you bet they are responsible!
  8. I would grab the server, shake him or her, then demand the server kneel before my bag and apologize to it.

    Just kidding!
    :nuts: Could you imagine if someone actually did react in this way?

    Sh*t happens, I wouldn't demand any reparation, but I would expect an apology.
  9. quite honestly my initial reaction would be to slap the person. There are 2 things you dont f%@k with of mine, my daughter and my handbags. I will become violent when protecting either one. seriously.
  10. This happened to my mom when we went out to eat at a seafood restaurant. The waiter was clearing the table and some of the liquid/food from the plates spilled on her new Gucci bag (it was actually more liquid from the lobster she ate as you know shellfish can be a watery mess sometimes). She was really upset and the waiter apologized over and over. Then we were waiting for our check and they said that the manager was coming over. The restaurant offered my mom a dry cleaning invoice as a courtesy to get her bag cleaned so she could go out and get it professionally cleaned and send the bill back to the restaurant so they could cover the cost. At least it was something.
  11. I would kick the waiter's ass!! :biguns:

    But seriously, I would expect a sincere apology from the waiter and maybe the manager as well.
  12. Oh wow this is one of my WORST NIGHTMARES!!!

    I think that the restaurant is definitely responsible for it. I do not think that I would accept their offer of adjusting the bill or paying to have my bag drycleaned. Those two things do nothing to restore the original quality of the bag. What happens if wine got on the vachetta? There is nothing they can do at a drycleaners to fix that.

    I would demand that they replace the bag.
  13. If the vachetta has been ruined, I'd definitely ask for a new bag. It's their fault!
  14. I think I would cry, and then want to kill the server, lol. I would ask if they could cover the cleaning/replacement (like if the wine got on the vachetta handles of a Speedy, I would get the handles replaced if it was really bad) costs.

    Something sort of like this happened to a friend of mine. We were at a hall in Brookyln for our friends' prom, and the server was taking away her salad, which had oil and vinegar on it. The fork fell off the dish and onto her dress (which was satin):wtf:!! The waiter apologized and then the manager brought her club soda to try and get it out, it didn't come out at all, but they didn't offer to pay her dry cleaning bill or anything!!:cursing:
  15. My initial reaction would be to scream at the waiter. I would then ask for the manager and demand that my bag be replaced!!!