What idiot just spilled diet coke in their Metallic peyton woven tote?

Dec 4, 2006
Yeah, that would be me! I don't know why but as I was walking out of my office and still filling people in on some pending business, I absentmindedly put my half full Diet coke bottle in my Peyton. I didn't realize it until I was in my car and down the road. When I realized it was in there, I yanked it out only to see it had completely emptied out in my purse. I immediately dumped the entire bag on to my passenger car seat (Thank God my interior is black) to get the pop out of my bag. It was all over my poppy Pepper wrstlet, my Peyton wallet, my Coach sunglass case, my Coach business card case, two pairs of Coach sunnies, and a pearl necklace (Don't ask me why that was floating around my bag), cell phone and notebook.

I rushed home to clean it all up and to be honest, the worst of the damage is the inside of my sunglass case. I'm not sure how, but everything ended up being damage free. I wiped it all up with a wet washcloth and the lining dried to perfection as did everything else:yahoo:. I just have some very wet business cards and receipts......Moral of the story - don't drink Diet Coke?
Nov 26, 2007
Northern Virginia
I've done that, but with my daughter's sippy cup. Its supposed to be spillproof, but we know how that goes. Glad to hear that nothing was seriously damaged by the diet coke.


Mar 4, 2008
Oooooo...not good. Glad the bag came out safe. Those 'brain fart' moments (sorry, I know, unlady like-grew up with big brothers, and have a boy) can cause some trouble!
I've been getting them more and more. However, I can't give up my daily diet coke(unless I'm completely out at home)!
Sometimes I self impose diet coke detox.


Mar 1, 2008
I saw the title of your thread and cringed! I almost didn't want to click it, but I'm so glad everything is okay! :Phew: Good moral of the story though ^_^


Jul 29, 2009
Eeek! I'm glad it turned out OK for you but at least it was your own. I once spilled an entire cup of tea with milk and sugar in someone's purse - 20 years later when we met again and I wanted to crawl under the table (and foolishly apologized again), she claimed to have totally forgotten it! Either she is very gracious or we all overestimate our impact on other's lives.
Apr 15, 2009
I'm glad everything is A ok!! Good thing it wasn't red koolaid or some other bright drink. I will take this as a hint NOT to put diet coke OR diet pepsi near the Coach!!:ty:


Pandora & Lush
Feb 9, 2009
Gainesville, Florida
omg your post gave me heart pains!! i was short of breath! so glad its okay =o)

one day i was using my dusty blue legacy thompson wallet and accidently smeared banana on it during lunch! it wiped off then the spot dried and you couldnt even see it. later the same day i got a big pen mark on it too and it came right off with a wet cloth. thats a great characteristic i need in my bags b/c i am so clumsy!