What I would cheat on my Balenciagas with ;)

  1. My absolute dream Chloe Python Silverado in Chocolate :love::tender: It just came in through USPS today, and I am soooooooo in love! This would be the bag I would cheat on my Balenciagas with! :girlsigh::nuts: To the sweetest PFer who let me give this beautiful bag a loving home at such a steal: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I promise I will give her a great home! And she will also be travelling to the other side of the world with me *lol* :wlae:
    silverado1.jpg silverado2.jpg wearing1.jpg wearing2.jpg wearing3.jpg
  2. :love: OMG T~ that silverado looks just :heart: lovely:heart: on you!!!! You better hang onto her tight for that overseas trip lol :wlae: :nuts: :upsidedown:
  3. Congrats on your python silverado..:yahoo: I know what you mean, i have a python silverado and I love her to death!!! Chloe doesn't make the python silverados like they used to!!!

    Wear her in good health!

  4. SO pretty! I was considering this very bag myself! I am glad it went to a lovely PF'er!
  5. Love that bag! Its gorgeous, enjoy it in good health!!!
  6. It's a beautiful bag.
    Python is so sexy.
  7. That is one of the nicest bags I have seen. You look amazing with it! Congarts hun! :heart:
  8. Awww Twinklette, D&G rockstar, lordguinny, jag, sratsey, Audrey, THANK YOU! :love: :love: :love: I'm such a Balenciaga girl, it takes a lot for me to fall in love with another... and this one definitely does it for me :shame::girlsigh:
  9. oh, and Twinklette, I'm seriously thinking of getting an extra carry-on bag just to carry her & all my balenciaga. I don't think I can bear to check them in & part with them lol... wonder if the security guys would stop me and ask if I was selling or if I was crazy :whistle:

    D&G, I love yours too! :love:
  10. gorgeous bag...... you can cheat away guilt free on your Balenciaga with this baby! you are only human after all ;)

    congrats, its really lovely :biggrin:
  11. hon who cares what they think lol! At least you would protect all your precious babies...and they are worth some $ all together so I think that sounds like a great idea :nuts:

  12. When I went to Vegas last month I packed two bags in my carry on.
    There's no chance I'd check my bags. Things get stolen out of luggage ALL THE TIME and getting to my destination and discovering my purses GONE would all but ruin my trip.

    When I put my duffle on the conveyor, and it went through the maching, they brought it back because of the giant lock on the paddy.
    Big to do, one guard calling another to look at the screen, then calling ANOTHER to look at the screen and all asking what it might be...
    :roflmfao: I heard them talking about it and I assured them it was only a purse :P
  13. OMG sratsey that's so funny!!!:roflmfao: I can SO see that happening, too :lol: Well at least my bags won't cause so much commotion... only them thinking I'm crazy for having multiples of the same thing! OK I feel normal now lol... I think I'm going to pack a duffle filled with bags :angel:
  14. Wow, your Python Silverado is fabulous! That's my favorite color, too. Congrats!!
  15. ooohhhh im in love with your silverado hat
    so very pretty!!!!!