What I think will be new for S/S 2008

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  1. Okay, I know I am seriously jumping the gun here being that we haven't 'seen' the f/w colors yet. So don't get all dramatic people and freak out that I am even mentioning this, but I am bored. I just thought it would be fun to project into the future and give our opinions on what we think will be out for s/s '08. This is what I think a few colors may be

    Pink, a pink between magenta and bubblegum

    Bright yellow like big bird (not mustardy like juane, even though I want juane)

    Bright Lavender


    Light turquoise

    Seriously wishful thinking, but fun to think about!
  2. I'd love to see all the colors you thought of but I would die if they came out with a coral color.
  3. Me too MRG! That would be the perfect color for me!
  4. Shasta, funny you mentionned orange because that's what I thought of immediately when I saw the title of your thread!

    Baby blue perhaps?
  5. i like the bright yellow like big bird i would love to see that
  6. pink, orange, coral, lavenders... I can't get enough of them! Hope you're right girls and Bal will skip the red-blue-brown theme for s/s 08...
  7. Girls, lets get a petition together to have Bal hire Shasta to pick the colors. Those colors would be great.

    And yes Bal needs a coral color!!! :heart: Mmm a nice peachy-pink-orange color. Mmm.
  8. Coral, coral, and coral.
  9. Shasta - I'm totally with you - I've been dreaming of spring colors myself. this was what I was thinking:

    Wheat - something like a pale buttercream yellow with just a hint on tan.

    Melon - a creamsicle orange

    A true periwinkle - like bleu glacier but more lavender

    Marine - A dark teal, like blueberry and sapin had babies

    Whiskey - like the Chloe brown, more orange than sienna.

    Blackened plum - dark like ink, but more purple.
  10. I agree, I think there will be a washed-out pale lemon yellow, a light pink mixed with a bit of lavender, a darker "mint", another light blue (slightly lighter than cornflower)...I feel summer will be full of pastels in 08
  11. Some more colors that would be fun:

    Dusty Rose: a mix between lilac 04 and pale rose.

    Smokey lavender: A mix between lilac 06 and grey 05.

    cobalt: a mix between french blue and blueberry.

    lime: a bright, cool green with a hint of blue (think of a mix between apple green and blue india)
  12. omg, circoit all of your colors are breathtaking just to visualize!
    if bal makes any of these I'll absolutely break my 03 and 04 only oath.
  13. I want an ORANGE bbag!!

    LIKE SUNKIST ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no GH, RH!

    *sorry if this is making you nauseated.... I just love orange!!*
  14. chartreuse, pearl, raspberry, powder blue!!
  15. OHHHH, pearl and raspberry sound YUMMY!:drool: I would buy those!
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