What I should get for my mother's bday!

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  1. Hi everyone!! ( :

    I have a question- my loverly mom's birthday is coming up (the BIG 51) and I always wanted her to get her a Chanel bag since I am working now. I went with her to the store and she really loves the Brown cerf tote with the silver buttons (not gold c) ... so, i was set on getting that for her.

    What other bags do you guys recommend?

    Ideally, an every day type of bag, a bag that has a zipper (i know, cerf tote is opened but it has a makeup -ish bag inside) and something that isn't so widely known (since she goes to korea a lot and koreans there are known to carry lots of fake)... haha

    What do you guys think? i think i should just go to the store and just buy~~ hahaha

  2. If she loves the cerf tote then that's what I think you should get her.
  3. ^^^ I agree. Doesn't really matter if you like it if it's for her.
  4. I think you should get her the bag she loves.
  5. Absolutely, you're Mom has got good taste.
  6. yer! i agree on getting her the bag she loves, she will enjoy it so much more having been bought it by her daughter and will mean so much to her. It'll show that us daughters do listen even when we look like we're not hehe
  7. Get the one she liked.