What I Scored From The December/January Sales

  1. I did not find too much to add to my collection this past season, but what I did find I love:heart:

    The Carissa is in gosgrain not satin and has a blinged up clasp:love:



    The Discos I knew I had to have but the black were all sold out. My SA asked "How about in red?" Ummm...they come in red. She said they were a special order and there was only one pair imported to the U.S. and they were my size. Fate:love:

    Carissa 2.jpg Carissa Detail 1.jpg Carissa and Disco.jpg
  2. gorgeous clutch , love the clasp!:love:
    and that red color...wow! it is stunning!:nuts::drool:
    congrats on both samantha!:yahoo:
  3. Samantha - a great score! Is the clutch black or grey. I was thinking the gray looking picture is the sheen from the grosgrain. You are the queen :queen: of clutches, eh?
  4. Samantha-- love the clutch!!

    I scored a sage/bone mahala for (690) and a purple mahala (no clue on price of this yet).
  5. Yeah! Great two purchases!
  6. i love love love your shoes!!!! congrats
  7. Congratulations! You have fabulous taste! So classy!
  8. The shoes are super sexy! Love the red and the snake trim..o Lovely combo!
  9. Beautiful! Love the bag and Those shoes are HOT!

    Enjoy :smile:
  10. Wow Samantha!! What a beautiful combination!

    I LOVE those shoes, and you got the only pair in the US? How special does that feel!! :yes:
  11. Those shoes are stunning, congrats! I like the Carissa more in grosgrain than in satin and the hw is beautiful too, great score!
  12. What a AWESOME score Samantha :choochoo:

    It is so YOU, very Chic, Classy & Elegant :queen:
  13. Hotness! :graucho:
  14. Wow I am loving those shoes. And I really like the red. What great additions.
  15. Wow. I remember you said you were getting the Discos. They are so much more stand out in red! Great to wear with the Saba in Zebra???