What I saw, what I learned and what came home with me.....

  1. Today Mizz Kelly and I had a mission. Return an impulse buy at LV (long story....) and check out what's new at H. We had fun, Mizz Kelly got a compliment and we did not come home empty handed.

    What I Saw:

    A Husband and Wife of Distinction picking up a 32cm etoupe togo Souple Kelly...(the color is like the feathers of a Dove...so soft and pretty);
    A what has to be the largest black togo Birkin with Pall hw I've ever seen in my life waiting to be picked up by someone I'm assuming is VERY tall;
    and the piece de restistance,
    A 28cm Black Box Kelly with brushed Palladium hw just like KAT's which I had to very careful not to drool on! And it could have been mine for a cool $6,750.00 bucks! But I let the SA put it back into it's bed and return it to the bowels of the back room.

    What I Learned:

    That the H store in San Francisco does NOT take special order requests at all. They'll search for something for you and they'll call you if what you want just happens to arrive at their store but no special orders. None. Don't even ask.

    What Came Home with Me:

    A sweet gold and enamel bangle,
    and a TDF pale blue and creamy white Scarf who's name escapes me for the moment but it's a chopped up version of something with the word "Brides" in it. I think the color did it....

    And to top it all off, Mizz Kelly was complimented on her very being...a Sellier - not too commonly seen in these neck of the woods I guess. I swear she stopped slouching after that.....:love:
  2. thanks very nice story:flowers: but no special orders :shocked: :shocked: that is weird guess they are doing well even without them :rolleyes:
  3. PICS PICS PICS!!! I love your shopping excursions! I am living vicariously through you and the rest of the ladies for a while!!! Wonderful purchases! And great restraint- I am so impressed!
  4. I just love your outings with Mizz Kelly!! Sounds like you had a ball at Hermes and your new goodies sound fabooo!

    I want that black box Kelly but it ain't gonna happen right now. :sad:

    LOL at this infamous (long story) LV purchase! :shame:
  5. great post shopmom, looks like you had fun :smile:
  6. I know....I thought it was weird too. It's interesting because they really don't stock too much either. They had a FEW Bern wallets and no real colors to speak of, a FEW pocket squares, a limited number of agenda's and accessories so....I don't know. There really wasn't much of a selection except for scarves and enamel jewelery....
  7. I love your stories. Your scarf sounds beautiful. I am glad you and Mizz Kelly had a good day.
  8. What a great storyteller you are! I'd love to see pics of your enamel bracelet and scarf!
  9. Does it have bridles? Brides is the French word for bridles.
  10. Yay! Which enamel bracelet? OK, now you know you need 2 more!;) hehehe Is your scarf called En Desordre, I think? it's like the Brides de Gala but it's all broken up. Gorgeous!!!
    Glad you and Mizz Kelly had a fun shopping trip! :biggrin:
  11. Yes pics please!! I can't believe you didn't get the kelly - you DO have willpower lol!!! Actually, you'll probably be back over there tomorrow on second thought!!!!!!!!
  12. Crochetbella - THAT'S IT! That's the name of the scarf, thank you....BTW, they had one Black/white combo Zebra print pocket square, one orange/rust/yellow combo and one in shades of blue. They ALSO had a triplets pocket square in a few color ways.

    Shoes....I couldn't believe it either. Usually my restraint is non-existent (thus the need to return the "impulse" buy). But since I already have my eye on a "little something" out there, I HAVE to be good!;)
  13. shopmom...enjoy your beautiful bracelet and scarf!! I want to see pics...like I should talk.:yes:
  14. I'm so happy you and Mizz Kelly had a wonderful shopping trip!! Congrats on your purchase!
  15. Here are the pics from today's outing....thank you everyone for letting me share!!!!! (I just LOVE those H boxes!!!)