what i saw in LV today...

  1. the groom collection - i must say - fabulous and gorgeous!

    damier azur - really doesn't strike me as something i'd want!~ however, it doesn't seem like there's a coating on the surface...to me it's anti-damier..seriously, it's HIGH MAINTENANCE...very white..and it does look more lavender than gray!

    but i know a lot of people in this forum would like it..somehow it looks like a multicolore version of the damier..
  2. Hmm. I was told there was DEFINATELY a coating by my SA. Did you get the chance to feel the bag?
  3. for some reason, i don't really like the damier azur. it just seems too light to wear with anything. and when it starts to patina it will probably look weird. maybe i'll change my mind when i see someone carrying it all oxidized and everything.
  4. Tonight I saw the Damier Azur and was able to handle the wallet. It's definitely coated canvas and purple not light blue. When you see the writing against the light leather inside of the wallet it's very obvious that it's purple. It's striking. I asked to see the Speedy but was denied. :sad:

    My wonderful SA said that it's still scheduled for November 1st. I actually went in to buy my first mono bag (currently only have Damiers) but after seeing the Azur I think I may need to wait for that. Just my opinion, but it's very spring like although perhaps could be paired with a winter white outfit.
  5. i said it didn't seem like there was a coating..but i wasn't sure..in my opinion..definitely not winter colors...
  6. Oh, man, I really need to see this! Hopefully I won't change my mind! I love it in pics, and hopefully in real life also.
  7. You're so lucky to see it already:yes:
    I can't say either way about this one until I see it, I need to work on getting some original damier first anyway.:idea:
  8. I saw the damier azur today at king of prussia. saw the wallet...its not for sale yet, but he let me look at it. It is coated....its exactly like the regular damier, you do not have to wait for a patina....it is not lavender its georgous.....it is exactly the same material as the brown and black damier. I will probably get the speedy when it comes out for sure.:yes:
  9. What do you mean "you do not have to wait for a patina"? Does that mean it's not vachetta?
  10. :drool: :drool: That's a good new.