What I saw during my Chanel visit this weekend

  1. I went to the one in Neiman Marcus...forgot to stop by the boutique. I was mainly going to try on the luxury bowlers in real life but they only had the small size so it didnt do me much good as I'm an Amazon and look goofy with petite bags. The was a navy straw Chanel bag that many were going crazy over as they rarely do straw and I saw a silver metallic looking grand shopping tote. Beyond that I didnt really see anything new that was too exciting...but from my experience better items are usually in the boutique. I'm so mad I forgot to stop by there before I left. There were also some really cute beige quilted and black slides that would be perfect for those of you with bags in that color.
  2. yeah.. the boutiques have greater selections! i went to NM in palo alto/stanford, and i was not satisfied. have to hit up sf soon :smile:
  3. Hi May....just went to SF this week-end and not much selection at the Boutique and not much selection at NM....NM did have a chocolate Cambon though and a few denim bags....:smile:
  4. I went to a Chanel Boutique this weekend in SO. CA at the beach and bought a bag and wallet in the coral color, so pretty, but did not see the Cambon in chocolate.hum.........sounds nice...does anyone have a pic of this bag ???????????
  5. What's up with the selection at the Chanel Boutique in SF? I went there a couple weeks ago and they didn't have much, do they usually have more?
  6. Yeah, I haven't been impressed with the selection at the SF Chanel boutique. The boutique seems to have even less of a selection than at NM. Last time I was at the boutique, I think they only had two sizes of the Luxury bowler, and limited colors. Do they have more in storage or something?
  7. gotta ask for whats in the drawers...scott is the best ^^
  8. blkladylaw, I went to the Chanel in NM at Tysons and I didn't see much of anything. Then when I went to the actual boutique down the hall, they had a better selection. Although it seemed like they were trying to get rid of most of the cambons.