What I recently found out - which level are you...?

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  1. I recently found out that all customers at LV have a certain level. I'm level 2 btw.
    They also record how many purchases you've made.

    Did you know about that? If yes, which level are you?
  2. I had no idea there were levels. Is a lower level better?
  3. Does it matter?
  4. LOL. This is the first time hearing this. Do tell more!
  5. How many levels are there and what's their order?
  6. I probably do have a level, but I have absolutely no idea what it would be.
  7. Sorry, but i have no idea about this :confused1:
  8. I have no idea! I know that LV records all your purchases though. :smile: Which is good! But I heard it gets deleted in a few yrs? Correct me if I'm wrong!
  9. I didn't know there were levels either. I do know that they record your purchases.
  10. I saw this while being at the checkout and looking at the monitor.

    It said that I was "Level 2", the amount of purchases I've made, and the amount of "display purchases" I've made.

    I thought I've just got it wrong - that's why I've checked it out at another store where I found out the same thing!
  11. Never heard of such a thing. If there is such a thing, LV never goes on sale or gives freebies...so I wonder what purpose these "levels" serve...if any.
  12. I would like to know that, too. I think the lower the number the lower the level...
  13. I'm probably a level -50 then :biggrin:
  14. Maybe for LE bags...like some that are made with the customers names in them??? Or if you want a LE bag like the Mirage then they would give you the bag over someone that just calls around to try to get one for ebay or something like that??

    I wonder what level I am?? LOL
  15. Yeah maybe it's for ranking VICs for events and waitlists and the like?