What I put on hold!!

  1. This is what i put on hold
    a large carly in brass khaki gold:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:on of my all time favorite bags
    and a pink ergo keyfob!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Cool, I can't wait to see pics! The carly seems like the hot ticket this summer!
  3. i love the carly i cant wait to take pic:wlae:
  4. Sounds gorgeous! When will you be picking her up?
  5. i will get her either today or tomorrow i just need a ride lol
  6. Congrats! Yippee! Enjoy them!
  7. I ordered that bag also! can't wait to get it in.
    And I have the pink ergo keyfob. You and I have smiliar tastes. That's so cool!
    Congrats on your new purchases, please post pics when it comes in.
  8. i will def. post pics
  9. Congrats!!!!!
  10. Super Duper great choices! Enjoy them!!
  11. Congrats....great choice.
  12. woo hoo! don't forget to post pics! :smile:
  13. great choices. oh the carly . . . gorgeous