What I picked up at the Saks sale!!!

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  1. I picked this up last night at the Saks second cut sale.:tup:

    I think the tag said it was a Whiskey Wallet Clutch.

    I really love the color and the size is perfect for inside my Trish but its also so cute for a little clutch.

    Anyone know any info about this little beauty? I've never seen her before.
    MJ.jpg MJ2.jpg
  2. I've never seen that one before but it's adorable! Congrats!!
  3. I love it!!! The color is great!! Congrats!!
  4. Congrats, really nice wallet.
  5. I like it a lot! I love how it comes with that strap. Makes it so easy to use as a clutch! Congrats!!
  6. It's so cute! congrats on the buy!
  7. I Love that it has a strap
  8. thanks everyone! it's pretty roomy too... i could definately fit acell phone and keys in it for a night out.
  9. yes.please, it's beautiful and matches your trish nicely! I've been wondering about that clutch as well, there's one at bloomie's SF in a purpelish color. You're right, it's really roomy and great as a wallet AND a clutch. Awesome buy, girl!
  10. Gorgeous, well done you!
  11. Really cute!! Did they have more, how much was it?
  12. couturefemme, purple you say? ohhh i would have loved that!! if you end up getting it, please post pics!! was it a darker purple or lighter?

    ali, i think they had one left- it went for $240ish. On sale from $495.

    If you decide to call for one- you have to speak with the 5th floor contemporary bag department.
  13. Wow, I really like it. I prefer without the strap. I don't know why though it makes sense it will make more convenient. Congrats!!:tup:
  14. chloe i know, i would love if the strap was detachable so you could switch off use as a wallet/ clutch... but it's not :sad: i like it all the same though.
  15. very cute yes.please! when you have luck you have it!! ;)