What I ordered today, and a little more info on the pleated ergos

  1. Well I am in rare form this weekend - I think someone else has taken over my body. First I won a whiskey Ali on eBay Friday night (I never bid more than $20 on Coach on eBay and I'm not even sure I like the Ali!). Then today my husband told me to gobuy myself a purse since I changed my plans yesterday to spend the entire day in search of a classic car that he didnt wind up buying anyway. Im not too keen on anything new right now but I wasnt about to turn down a "free" bag, so I figured maybe I'd get the tan leather Carly - its pretty nice. Went to the store and my favorite SA was there and said "Donna you have to get the pond ergo." I said nah, that washed out blue color isnt for me. Then she got the sig/patent wallet that matches the bag to show me that the color wasnt washed out at all. Well, on this wallet the color was gorgeous! It was a nice medium blueish gray, not like a dirty sky blue as I had thought. After the checked the computer, she said she could order it but there arent many left, so sucker that i am I had her order it for me! Im so surprised at myself - I really didnt think I liked that color, but if its like the color on the wallet, which it should be identical, its really beautiful. It should be a nice pop of color against my mostly neutral wardrobe. She said if you dont like it, come back for the Carly, that will always be available, so I was convinced. Another thing she said that convinced me to get this - I mentioned the pleated ergos coming out in June in patent and that I was wanting one of those. She said "oh no, you wont want one of those - they're HUGE!" Then she picked up the Miranda and said "like this size". Now I'm only 5" and pretty petite, so that is just enormous to me. So we'll see when my ergo arrives - I got it in the tote, and I already have a tatersall ponytail scarf that I havent used so I'm all set. I also picked up this scarf in green to maybe go on my Ali - I have to see if I like the combo when it arrives too.
    dot scarf.jpg
  2. Wow!!! Sounds like you are having a great shopping weekend! Congrats on your new purchases!

  3. Awwww, you took the pond plunge let me know how you like it.
  4. So the pleated ergo is going to be huge? It won't come in the size of the current ergo totes?
  5. great Coach weekend!!!! :nuts: Can't wait to see pics of your new babies when they arrive!! :yes:
  6. I bought the tote and a skinny with the pond trim. Yup its the same color as the wallet and it's beautiful
  7. \

    Well thats what my SA said. But she knows me - I like a nice size bag, but I would never carry say the large tote - the medium is more than enough for me. I'm still curious to see them, though!!
  8. congrats, can't wait to see pics when you get it! :tup:
  9. Fun weekend!! congrats on everything, hope you love them:smile::smile:
  10. Congrats on all the new purchases!
  11. It really is a beautiful color! I hope you like it, but your SA was right, you can always exchange it for the Carly if you don't.
    Nice choices all around:tup: