What I like about Treesje.

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    I like Treesje bags although I own more RM than Treesje. However, I feel comfort wise, Treesje bags are more comfortable to wear over the shoulder even without the detachable shoulder straps.

    I feel that the Asher, Magnolia, and the mini Avalon all have the handles in the perfect length to be carried over the shoulder. The shapes of these 3 bags are not too bulky, but give enough room for my necessities. So they hug to my body better and make me feel more comfortable carrying them.

    I like RM bags, but I always feel the Nikki/Mini Nikki look the best on me because they are more flat and hug to the body better, making me look thinner, but I don't like digging stuffs out from the Nikki so it has become a collection rather than useful. I much prefer the functionalities of the MAM/MAB, but since they are too bulky, they just don't look as good when carried over the shoulder, especially when you're not thin. They make me look wider and fat, I try to hand carry them now, but the MAB is too big so I'm sticking to MAM now.

    I've been carrying my Mini Avalon and I can't even describe how comfortable I feel when I carry it over my shoulder, makes me want to get more avalon in other sizes and colors!

    Do you feel the same way,too?
  2. OMG, I totally agree with you!! The only RM I have now is a Nikki, besides pouches, because I love the way it hugs my body and isn't bulky. That is why I no longer want Morning After bags - way too bulky and boxy for me.
    The Asher is a great sized bag that when carried over the shoulder, by the handles, lays flat and comfortable against your body. Not sure if you have tried the Sophia but IMO it is the BEST! Love that bag!!:heart: It is huge inside so sometimes you have to dig but the zippered pockets on the outside make up for that. I keep my keys, cell and lipgloss in those pockets for easy access.

    So yes, I am with ya!!:tup:
  3. Great thread Tejava!

    Absolutely! I feel the same way about Treesje. I only have one Treesje so far, a mini patent purple Avalon. It's one of my all time favorite bags based on styling, usefulness and comfort. I don't have any RM bags for comparison, but I do have a collection of other designer bags.

    What I like about Treesje:

    *unique use of leather styling - folds, pleats, ruffles, braiding and quilting
    *length & placement of handles - my mini Avalon fits perfectly over my shoulder with the double handles - can be carried nicely as a satchel or shoulder bag using both handles (double handles and single strap)
    *leather accents on inside pockets - makes it easy to identify where the pockets are when blindly reaching in to grab something quickly and adds a bit of structure and finish the interior

    And, I completely agree about the mini Avalon hugging and molding to your body. It has a tapered shape, being gradually slimmer at the top to fit nicely under the arm. I can't wait to see more Treesje bags IRL.