What I kept for myself from PCE..

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  1. I may though exchange the T for a clover charm and get the T at the outlet, and may exchange the leather flap for the suede beaded and the valentine key chain. The rest were gifts, so I was able to cross of some lucky folks off the list. OH and they are sending me a new agenda because that too was damaged, so I asked for it in red. I am still thinking if I can stand the striped flap being damaged because I don't want to part with it! And you may think this is silly, but I want to frame the bonnie clutch scarf in my dressing area.. :nuts: :shame:

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  2. and then I got these flats from macys during the same week instead of the sneakers. Sadly though my dog didn't like the sweater or the collar. I guess he's a burberry/petco boy at heart.:roflmfao: And I tried to ignore the fact that the bangle didn't fit my wrist.. but as I tried it on, and put my hand down to model it, it fell right into my other hand.

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  3. Love the shoes they are so cute

  4. I love everything esp. the ponytail and bonnie scarfs. Enjoy
  5. can you model the pony scarf it is so cute but i have no idea how to wear it.
  6. you are a coach-a-holic lately!!
  7. ^^LOL! I know, its horrible, but I'm turning it back down now. The majority still has tags, so who knows whats staying and whats going.
  8. sure fayden, I'll do it when its light out.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but what's PCE?
  10. Preferred Customer Event
  11. Thank you. I thought it was something like that.
  12. I love that flap!!!
  13. ^^Thanks!
  14. Oooh, I am lovin' all of those wristlets, you have great taste aarti!
  15. I think framing the bonnie clutch scarf is a great idea, it will be really cute! Take a pic if you can when it's framed. The flats look great on you. Congrats!