What I just got in the mail!

  1. Yesturday I got these in the mail from my dad! He's so sweet!


  2. aww congrats, its a beauty

    looks so useful!! ^_^
  3. That's really pretty...congrats !!!
    Very sweet dad you have !!
  4. They are so cute! Congratulations!
  5. congrats, that's so pretty!
  6. Congrat's. How nice of your father :smile:
  7. 2 MCs from ur dad... oh, he's such a sweetheart. my father won't even know what are those :smile:
  8. Lucky girl, congrats!
  9. perfect gift :smile: congrats!
  10. Congrats! Its so pretty!
  11. Before I was into lV he would have never know it from any other leather purse out there LOL
    But Now he can point out LV's when we walk down the street.
    He knew I had been wanting these, but I didn't think he would buy them :smile:
  12. Aw, your dad is too sweet.
  13. Both are beautiful! Congrats! How nice of your dad :cool:

  14. ooohh... :cry: that's sooo sweet. congratulations, you have someone who really loves you :biggrin:
  15. Aw, how cute!!!! Your dad is very sweet! Enjoy your gifts!