What I have so far!...

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  1. bag 011 (2).jpg teri turnlock

    bag 005 (2).jpg large multi pocket

    bag 004 (2).jpg bianca satchel

    bag 007 (2).jpg striping hudson

    bag 009 (2).jpg luella satchel
  2. bag 010 (2).jpg M by MJ softy carryall

    bag (2).jpg LV zippy wallet, MJ key pouch, twelfth street snake embossed clutch
  3. and also...
    bag%20%282%29.jpg LV zippy wallet, twelfth street snake embossed clutch, MJ key pouch

    bag%20010%20%282%29.jpg MJ softy carryall

    The MJ multi was my very first designer bag, now I am hooked!!:heart: I will keep adding to my collection, it is slowly, but surly growing!!;)
  4. Wonderful bags!
  5. Awesome! :biggrin: thanks for sharing ;)
  6. Nice collection! :smile:
  7. your collection is great!! btw the marc jacobs bag looks fabulous on you, you have an awesome body!! lol im jealousss
  8. Great collection! Love the pics.
  9. Love them all! They look fabulous on you!
  10. You look great in all of them! nice collection :yes:
  11. Beautiful collection ... especially love the Botkier Bianca satchel! I saw one at Holt Renfrew and it was gorgeous ... maybe next year!
  12. :smile: Thanks Ladies!:smile:
  13. zippy wallet, sigh :love:

    wonderful MJ collection:heart:
  14. Very nice collection :smile:
  15. tdf!