What I got with my 25% off coupon...

  1. Had to special order this:


    Love this ponytail scarf, can wear it as a neck scarf or handbag accessory too:


    And this little bag is perfect for going out at night or on the weekend when you just need a phone, keys, wallet, etc. Love it!


    Ok no more Coach for me for awhile though... This is plenty til Fall stuff comes out in August, right? :smile:
  2. I love that wristlet!
  3. Pretty :heart:3 Congratulations!
  4. Oh, I was fondling that pouch in the store the other day, came about an inch away from buying it. I hope you enjoy it! Your other purchases are lovely, as well. Wear them in good health.
  5. congrats...great buys!
  6. I saw that wristlet and just love it. The other items are really nice too!
    Great savings there!
  7. I love the wristlet!
  8. Wow, they let you do a special order? Good for you! :smile:

    I nearly bought that wristlet today but managed to resist it. Heh.

    I bought stuff at Tysons Galleria Coach AND Fair Oaks Coach (because the Tysons SA said here, keep your coupon so you can hit another store and see what else you want to buy! You could have knocked me over with a feather.)

    The pics are mostly everything....the wristlet I got was actually lilac instead of white (although the leather trim is the same), and I also bought a pair of black signature Jillian driving loafers (at Tysons, where they were already marked down, so with the coupon, they were only about $50 instead of $160!).

    I love Coach coupons. My neighbor who also loves Coach is annoyed that she isn't getting them, so I told her go to her fave Coach store (also the Tysons Galleria) and tell them she is a good customer (she is) and that I said she should be put on the list. LOL

    (Today is my birthday, so I also bought a new LV Damier Speedy 30, but that thread is in the LV forum. Hee!)

    PS: the Tysons SA told me that fall stuff will start arriving on June 29th! Ack! But this is also it for me for a while....after I hit the Coach outlet again tomorrow!
    chelseawallet.jpg cwristlet.jpg fishpouch.jpg lilacpouch.jpg minskinny.jpg
  9. What a nice SA! I love that coin purse you got :heart:

    PS. Congratulations on the Damier Speedy!
  10. I love all your stuff-especially the wallet! Yum!

  11. Oh I love this little bag! I tried it on and I just love the texture! :yes: Great buys!!
  12. :O I LOVE the little bag! It's cute (:. The wrislet is pretty, too. I have a multi color scribble wrislet (:. Dang I really want to go buy a bag now, but i"m broke. T__T. Congrats on the stuff!
  13. Congrats on your buys! I love the ponytail scarf!
  14. Omg your stuff is so cute!!!!! I didn't SEE ANY OF THAT when I went to the Coach store at South Coast Plaza! lucky girl!
  15. I love the cotton! and the price isn't bad at all. :biggrin: