What I got today!! Yay!

  1. It's 2am in the morning over here and I just wanted to share what I've been staring at for the last 3hrs before I drive off for midnight snack ........................



    It's everything the ladies who owned it said it was! Spacious and just really stress free! I can't wait to bring her out! I love my new Saleya MM!

    Just wanted to share! :yahoo:Off for mu frog porridge! Byeee!~
  2. congrats! She's gorgeous!
  3. :yahoo: Yay, congrats!
  4. Yay!!! :yahoo: Congratulations!!!
    She looks lovely!!! Enjoy :biggrin:
  5. LOVE IT!!!:love: CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!:flowers:
  6. Wow, it is sooo pretty! Now I want one!!!! lol!!!! Congratulations! Enjoy it!
  7. That bag is a beauty. Enjoy.
  8. gorgeous..gorgeous!! congrats!!! so happy for you..
  9. AWW SHE LOOKS GREAT! congrats!
  10. omg!!! damier!! looks great!!! great buy!!!
  11. So beautiful! Congratulations, I totally would stare at it all night too.:yes:

    And, if you don't mind telling me, what is mu frog porridge? Sorry if I'm being too nosey.:shame:
  12. It's lovely! Congratulations! :smile:
  13. Congratulations!!!
  14. congrats!its real cute
  15. Back! Thanks girls! ^_^

    I almost got the GM size but my SA told me I would look like a designer Santa Claus with the GM size. ^_^;

    Mella, I was actually typing 'my frog porridge'. Typed too fast... ;p
    Most of the Asian tPFers here might know it as 宫宝田鸡粥. or Kung Pow Frog Porridge. :smile: