What I got in the mail yesterday!

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  1. The outlet sales sound wonderful, but I can't make it there on a workday (a little over an hour away). :sad: Fortunately, I have my brand new beauties that came in the mail yesterday from Jax to keep me happy!

    Opening the box: :smile:

    I missed out on this last year - I dawdled over this forever because I hadn't wanted to pay full price, but then it sold out. So I jumped on this year's version:

    I bought a chocolate leather Carly in February, but never fully got on board with the color. So, it sat in my closet until last week, when I finally got off my butt and exchanged it for .... the plum medium Carly!

    Peeking out of the stuffing:


    Stuffed with my agenda:

    It's absolutely beautiful in person. I brought it to work today and my teammates at work were absolutely in love. They spent all of their time today pretty much reaching over and petting my purse and threatening to steal them both if they had the chance. ;)
  2. Gorgeous - that Plum color is stunning and I love all the Legacy Stripe pieces!
  3. beautiful!!
  4. I loooooooooove that Legacy planner!!!!!!
  5. The Carly is gorgeous, The colour is pretty...
    Love the lgacy planner, so adorable :tup:
  6. Wow, those are some GORGEOUS buys!
  7. Congrats on your purchases! I totally love the plum Carly!
  8. Two beautiful buys!!! Yum, plum....
  9. I love that color of the carly and ur planner :smile:
    I want both alsooo...
  10. I love your planner and the color of the Carly is tdf! All of your stuff fits so nicely in your new bag. Isn't it great when you get rid of a bag you've never used and get one that you love?
  11. i love both and the plum is soooo yummy....does the plum carly come in large?
  12. great buys!!! i love both!
  13. Great choices. Did you make them wash their hands before petting the Carly? <eg> The flower charm looks great on the bag.
  14. Thanks everyone!

    bagladie - yes it does come in large! Someone here bought it in large, in fact, and made a post about it sometime last week. That was how I was inspired to finally exchange my chocolate Carly for the plum, after seeing her pictures.

    Ok Bag Lady - haha, it didn't occur to me to make them wash their hands, but I should have made them do so!
  15. I am totally :drool: over both of your new goodies!!!!
    That Carly is on my wishlist for sure, and that planner is just stunning!