What I got in Paris.....(my first LV!) *pictures*

  1. Hi everyone! I just got back from a trip around western Europe. We were in Paris for only 2 days. My first priority was of course to buy my Speedy hahah. We didn't have time to go to the Champs-Elysees store but went to Galeries Lafayette instead. All I bought there was the bag & shoes from Dior. I was going to get a pair of Damier Azur shoes too but didn't..and kind of regret that now lol. ahhh..and I had no time to shop for clothes. I really, really have to go back to Paris soon. I loved it.

    We went into the store literally as soon as the doors opened. So we were like the first ones in there..the SA was nice, so it was a good experience. I looked at the Keepalls and I really want one now. Maybe for my next purchase....

    Galeries Lafayette..

    The second I took it out of the box..

    Me..and the bag..in Florence

    Venice..Piazza San Marco


    Lucerne! Switzerland is soo beautiful. I loved it there. It's now my favourite country, next to France heheh.

    More pictures of the bag..


    & this isn't LV, but just thought I'd throw it in here - the shoes I bought! I love the pair on the left..got those in Innsbruck (Austria) and the right ones are Dior from Galeries Lafayette.

    Question: how do you clean the handles of the bag? I used it everyday since I got it and they're getting quite dirty already.
  2. Congrat's,... great bag and it looks great on you.
  3. congratulations!! hope you enjoy your speedy!
  4. WOW...glad you had tons of fun on ur trip!!! Nice pics you got there.....I cant wait till I have a chance to go to Paris too~ Thanks for sharing:yes:
  5. WAW!! u seem to have had a wonderful time! LOVE the bag! congrats!!
  6. Your pics are fab!!!! congrats on the wonderfull trip and your bag. I am so jealous, it looked gorgeous every place you went to.
  7. oh btw I saw a lot of really fake bags for sale in Italy :tdown: A ton of LVs..
    here's a fake 'miroir speedy' :push:

  8. Wow, great pics, the scenery is beautiful!!

    ETA: the scenery besides the fake bags lol. :p
  9. Nice pics :nuts: :drool: Thanks for sharing :smile:
  10. gorgeous buys and great photos....now you make me wanna go to Europe! Congrats!
  11. Oh, you are so lucky you went to Paris! It's my fave city in the whole world! The Speedy looks great on you, I love how it looks so big on you!
  12. Thanks for sharing your pics. They look amazing. Great bag and looks like you have enjoyd it already.
  13. If I saw those fakes on the ground I would be so tempted to punt them.

    Congrats on your new bag! With my vachetta handles I just try to keep my hands clean and free from lotions. You can also use baby wipes, there are threads about that here.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. awesome bag!! congrats!!!