What I got for our 7th Anniversary!

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  1. Hello All,
    We had a wonderful time on our vacation to St. Louis. :tup: My wonderful DH :flowers:bought me a red Fossil 54 purse w/ a matching wallet & wristlet as well as a suit & 2 blouses. There was even a croc Dooney waiting in the mailbox when we got home & another Fossil 54 bag in the mailbox today when I got home from work. I even tried on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, but couldn't justify spending $500.00 + on 1 pair of shoes. They did fit well, so maybe when the summer sales start we'll go on another shopping spree. We even got to see some Jimmy Choo purses at Neiman Marcus. The pictures on the internet don't do the quality of these bags justice. They are worth the high price tag. They had quite a good selection & the shoes were @ Saks. If you want the SA's names & phone #'s you can PM either me or my DH (yyz). And to boot, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Everyone we talked to said we picked the right weekend to come as they had been getting a lot of rain. I'll post pics later. Zebra Girl (Colette)
  2. Congratulations on some wonderful Anniversary gifts :tender:

    So glad the weather cooperated with you and looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Happy 7th Anniversary:drinkup:
  3. Now that is a wonderful anniversary! I agree about the price of the shoes. The only reason I could justify paying what I did for those snake sandles recently is they can be worn with almost everything...summer dresses, jeans, dress pants, even shorts.
    You must post pics of your stuff...Did you let him get his guitar?
  4. Thank You All,

    My DW (Colette) also got me a new Harley Shirt!:tup:
    And she really wanted to get me another Rickenbacker Bass,
    But Like I told her I can only play one at a time and I just don't play as much as I used to, and I no matter what I get I always keep going back to my Alembic.:heart:
    But yes I still might want one more.......:graucho:

    Also I if you could have seen the look in her EYES:drool: when she fell in love with that Jimmy CHoo Saba!
    I really hope that they have them on sale in June!
    And yes I LOVE:love: Colette that much that I would rather get her the Saba instead of me getting a Rickenbacker!

    BTW I final finnished my first round of Poject make over for Colette.:woohoo:
    This started last Nov. and final I got her a nice suit that actual fit her in April.
    The Shoes happened in Feb and March.

    You have all been such the help and support that I need to do all of this for her!

    I just Wanted to Thank You All Again!

    And now it's on to Round 2!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more!
  6. Glad you had a great time. which Saba version is calling Colette's name? Suede, leather or zebra?
  7. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and the summer sales - Happy Anniversary!!
  8. :heart:Congratulations Colette and Matt!!!:heart: It's wonderful that you guys had such a fabulous anniversary!!!Best wishes for many many many more!!!:woohoo:

  9. Jmcadon,
    No guitars. I did let him watch a little bit of the Nascar race. Maybe we'll post pics tonight, no promises! Colette

  10. Robyn, Maybe we'll post pics tonight. I have no idea how to do that on my own, so DH has to do that part. I can take the pics, it's the computer part that I don't like to mess with. Colette

  11. Lionlaw, I think I'd like the leather version or zebra in leather not hair. Our dog, Shadow is brown & white Lasa Apsa? (spelling). She is the same color as the other little dog I had which was a Corgi. So I thought the name Shadow seemed fitting. We'll post pics tonight, hopefully. Thanks, Colette

  12. starbuxxx,
    Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. I'm looking forward to another vacation this summer. Colette

  13. Honey, Thank you for all the wonderful gifts! I'm glad we took a vacation, we really needed one. Love you w/ all my heart! Love, Wife

  14. jburgh, Thank you for all the help you've given my wonderful DH. He really appreciates it. Colette

  15. varied obsessions, thank you for all the help you've given my DH. Thank you for the wishes. Colette