"What I got for Christmas from my DH, yyz!"

  1. Hello Ladies,

    First off, thank you for all the wonderful help you gave my husband.:tup:
    This is what I got for Christmas from my wonderful husband!:heart:
    He even surprised me by buying me the letter carrier purse also.:love:
    I can't believe he spent this much money on me.
    I was even more surprised when I opened one box & saw the blue bag & pulled out a red Fossil purse instead of the zebra bag.
    He said the look on my face was worth a million dollars.:rolleyes:
    He helped my register all my bags too.
    Do the billfolds & coin purses not have the tag in them with the id # on them?
    We could'nt find any tags in these and he bought them new at Dillards.
    The rest of my bags had tags in them.

    Here are some pictures of the purses he bought me.

    Here are my Dooney & Bourke Zebra purses.

    Here are the Fossil bags.

    Well, nice to meet all of you.

    Zebra Girl (Colette):angel::angel:
  2. He went all out! Lucky lady you are!
  3. Nice to meet you! I couldn't contribute to the thread as I don't know anything about new Dooney & Bourke but I sure enjoyed reading it.

    None of my Dooney wallets have any number inside.

    What a great your DH is! Enjoy all the pretty purses.
  4. Wow! Congrats on all of your presents!! It looks like your husband did great!!
  5. All I can say,

    :love::heart::heart::heart: " I Love You Honey with all My Heart":heart::heart::heart::love:
  6. zebra girl, you have a great guy there! You don't know what he went through.... plus he also joined us PF-ers! That is true love!

    Thanks Matt for all the advice on the eBay forum! :flowers:
  7. Wow, your DH is super sweet! Love all your presents ... I've always loved the zebra print! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. What a sweet hubby you have! I love the Dooney Zebras. Congrats! I hope you and your husband decide to stick around here. New additions to our (not so) little community are always welcome!
  9. Congradulations~! I'm happy to see that you're enjoying all your wonderful gifts :tup:, I think your DH is quite famous now :lol:.
  10. what a fantastic gift!!! yyz is definitely a keeper!

    would you teach my dh about handbags??? he doesn't comprehend my obsession, even though my father swears it's genetic and that I get it from him (he's really big into nice luggage!)
  11. Great gifts, and what a great husband you have! Enjoy!
  12. Collette, welcome to TPF. Your hubby went all out and did good... he's a man in a million. He brought us so much fun and laughter and we're all happy it worked out. I just love your Zebra purses, they are fab. Whenever you wear them, think of the love and effort that went into finding them. Matt did amazingly well. :tup:
  13. Kathyy,
    Thank you for the information on the serials numbers.:smile: I was kind of worried that we had thrown out importatnt info. Thank you for the welcome to the forum. This is all new to me. I'm used to talking to someone I've met face to face, so talking via computer is new to me & kind of weird. My husband is good about helping me with this. Have a good day. Zebra Girl.:smile:
  14. Handbag-ho,
    Thank you for helping my husband. :smile: He is a wonderful man.:heart::love: Matt says you are welcome for the advice on the e-bay forum.
  15. Dear ArmCandyLuvr,
    Thank you for welcoming us to the forum. :smile:This is all new to me, so I guess I have a lot to learn. Have a good day. Zebra Girl, Colette