What I got for another return!

  1. Well today I returned the Denim Legacy Shoulder Bag and got my Metallic Bridget!! :love:YAY

    It was really difficult to get a good pic with the lighting in my house, so I am just attaching the one of me in the Coach Store. Oh...and a funky one that I did in my nifty photo editing program:happydance:
    Bridget Bag Metallic.jpg Coach Wishlist.JPG
  2. And...I still had a credit left from one of my last returns so I got these!!:heart::heart:
    Bridget Bag and Larks Guitars 017.jpg Bridget Bag and Larks Guitars 029.jpg
  3. Girl, make that first pic your avatar! That is amazing!!!!!
  4. Very nice! I love the Heritage swingpack!
  5. Agreed! Love them all. The bridgit is so pretty. And I think just about everyone knows how I feel about pink. I especially like the heart charm with your new heritage items.
  6. I did it!!! WooHoo!!:nuts:
  7. Love the bridget and the swingpack, looks good on you! oh and that heart charm is perfect! Congrats!
  8. Ahhh!!! I love all of your new things! Congrats!
  9. Both of those are too cutee!! ^^

    Congrats!!!!! I really want that swingpack aswell!
  10. awesome pic! Love the swingpack, congrats! :tup:
  11. Deborah I love your choices!!! Did you get this at International? I love the modeling pics :smile:
  12. your new additions are so cute.. I am thinking about getting that swingpack 2
  13. Oh that avatar ROCKS!!!!!
  14. Cool pictures!!! I like the heritage pieces too.
  15. I love it. Deb you have such great taste on bags.