What I ended up doing =)

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  1. As sad as it was to see it go i ended up taking back my grey inclusion. i tried on the meduim but if i moved my hand just a little it fell off :crybaby:

    so to make myself fell better i got;
    i wasn't sure i was going to like it but i love it!!!

    & i have a question;

    what do you use as a charm on your bags. i don't like having just a plain bag so i put a hello kitty luggage tag i had on it but my mom says it makes it look cheap & childish. so what are some other options.

    i'm thinking about the new bandeaus but i don't know if i would like them on my bags & i would assume they would get dirty fast; opinions?
  2. Awwww....it's okay. It w as an excellent trade-off! Getting something LV is always soothing. Congrats!
  3. ah...much nicer than the bracelet...Good Choice & Congrats!!!
  4. aww heyy again. I read your posts in SG!
    and I love your new bag. To be completely honest tho, I would have to agree with your mom. A nice scarf would make the speedy look a lot more sophisticated! congrats!
  5. OMG I love!!!
  6. OK, I kinda like the Hello Kitty tag. I probably wouldn't have it on my bag all of the time, but I would for weekends & stuff. But I don't like to be grownup all of the time.

    Coach charms, juicy couture charms, scarves, LV cles are all things I use to brighten up my LVs and other bags.

    Sorry that the grey inclusion didn't fit - but I hope this suits you MUCH better.
  7. I agree with queenmab, I'd do it occasionally.
    Hey, when I went to MOCA, I had a Kuromi keychain on my Miroir Speedy!
  8. Congratulations! Very nice!
  9. What's better than an LV bracelet if not an LV BAG! Congrats. I would die for a pastilles keychain to dress-up my purse...but for the amount it costs, I may just put it towards another bag altogether!
  10. Sorry about your inclusion bracelet but what better than a speedy to make the situation all better!! Congrats!! You should use a smaller chain to attach your HK tag instead of the thick white strap.
  11. congrats! What about the Pastilles charm? It looks great on EVERYTHING!
  12. i love the whole look and yr bag..:tup::heart:
  13. Mmmm Damier~! Gorgeous! It looks so classy! I use my Fleurs key chain as a charm! I get compliments on it all the time -- more so than the bags it's attached to!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. i like the hello kitty tag!


    congrats shes so cuteee :heart: