What I don't understand about Tokidoki

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  1. I never heard of Tokidoki until I found this forum. Now, I notice them when walking the streets of Toronto. But I must say, that I don't understand why would young/early 20 year olds would walk around with a cartoon character on their bag? I can see the excellent quality of LeSportSac, but why have the cartoon characters?

    I think it looks so immature for a young woman to walk around with a cartoon character purse or tote.
  2. I can understand why you would feel that way. I'm 30 and I love toki. I just started buying some of the prints. I've asked myself well aren't you a bit old to be carrying something w/anime characters? I'm sure I'm probably going to hear that comment from my sister who is just a few years younger than me. I guess I just love it too much not to carry one. So I said to heck w/it! I'm a mom so I think I can get away w/it more so and I have a very laid back style/casual life. I have my leather classic bags that I use sometimes if I'm going someplace where Toki wouldn't look appropriate. I just feel you have to buy what you like and the price tag for these bags isn't cheap at least not for me anyway! I wouldn't have been able to afford these bags say 10 years ago.
  3. well... im 12 so... but i would have to disagree with you. tokidoki is for all ages, not just younger women.
  4. "I think it looks so immature for a young woman to walk around with a cartoon character purse or tote."

    To ask why we're into these bags is one thing, but to make a comment like that is just insulting! If you dont like it fine, but you dont have to criticize us. If you dont have anything nice to say, please dont say anthing at all.
  5. It's all about personal tastes. Some women go for a more refined, sophisticated looking bag... and others would rather get one that's nicely made, and extremely fun and outgoing-looking! It's not immature for anyone to carry what they like - and if someone wants to emit a carefree, fun, and cute persona, then toki works great!

    Just because you would prefer a more boring-type bag doesn't mean you have to come in here and tell all of us that we are immature for carrying things that we like~
  6. I have all types of bags.....mostly Chanel and LV. Tokidoki is just so fun and cute........some people just don't get it, the OP is one of them!!!
  7. Maybe to someone who is needlessly judgmental and close-minded - but not to me. :smile:
  8. if you dont like it, its one thing. Telling people they're immature for carrying bags they like is another. To each their own. You dont see any of us criticizing people who carry $1000 LV bags that look the same every single season, do you?
  9. It's art. Apparently not your style of art.

    Maybe you've just lost your sense of fun in your old age?

    I have Coach, Kors, and Cole Haan bags...beautiful bags, but those are definitely not the ones that get admiring comments from strangers.
  10. Agreed I admit at first I kind of looked at it from far away kind of funny since it was really busy but I really liked the artist and I think his art is really cute and it grew on me. Not only that it's durable and practical. The patterns let you match with a lot of clothes since it pulls together a lot of colors. :yes:

    Also, I own coach, dooney and burke, and LV and none really interest me as much as these do and I'm not that fond of those. Then again I guess people would say it's okay for me to carry these around since I'm a 20 year old looking like a 14 year old :rolleyes:

    OH and don't older people walk around with tinkerbell, betty boop, and other vintage characters on their bags? They don't get ridiculed
  11. Now I'm curious about what our arbiter of fashion says we should be wearing.
  12. haha i think all hell would break lose if she sees what i look like and wear...i'm like a circus clown!
  13. Me too! I can't wait for her to come back and continue schooling us all on what maturity is REALLY all about! :happydance:

  14. Oh...you would be very surprised. I'm 18 and am in my first year of college and tokidoki is popular for my age. I love cute Japanese influenced cartoon characters and the only reason I found tokidoki on eBay was b/c I was looking for a cute Hello Kitty purse. [[[Am still in love with Hello kitty and so are a few of my college friends]]] Since I couldn't find any that didn't look too much like something a baby would use,I remembered hearing about tokidoki in.....TeenVogue:graucho: . A magazine for young women that showcases fashion for our age group so obviously you may be one of the few that think this type of bag isn't for us b/c it's immature.
  15. And somehow I suspect that you and your tokidoki would be much more interesting than our little gray-clad grownup and whatever demure bag she wears.


    You gotta let your inside colours out!
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