What I did to help add to my H fund!

  1. I wanted a taupe cashmere cardigan.
    I had a taupe cashmere pullover I rarely wore.
    I had an idea.:idea:
    I cut it in half, fiddled a bit with it, added lace trim binding, and....
    I may add a magnetic snap or two but I love it!
    i sure would love to learn of other ways as well.
  2. How creative! Before and after pics please!
  3. WOW...good for you! I would be nervous to do that!!!
  4. Wow...you are brave. Glad that it worked. (Could have been a disaster...you must have cut it just right.)
  5. I am so impressed! Pics please!
  6. Very impressive, pics please.
  7. believe me, i am so ordinary & simple that it is pathetic.
    I just have a great pair of scissors.
  8. Simple is beautiful! Show it off ;)
  9. Great idea! Would love to see pics too. :smile:
  10. Great idea, would love to see pictures.
    Also it would truly be one-of-a-kind. I love this kind of thing.
    For me, I have no talent, but I love to rediscover old pieces after getting alterations done on them. I recently turned a pair of white jeans with a very wide bootcut into white skinny jeans. (I have other bootcuts I was happier with).
  11. Great idea! Pics please!
  12. i am trying 2 post pix!
    i put it on to show you how i will wear it. it falls that way so its kinda cool.
    please excuse my cami.
    im actually wearing aqua capri sweats
    to match the aqua stars in my cami
    MVC-011L.JPG MVC-012L.JPG MVC-013L.JPG
  13. Looks beautiful!!!
  14. Lovely!