What I did this week!

  1. I went outlet shopping and put a shelf together for my bags! Haha. :tender:

    I spent about $150 at the outlet, I didn't buy any bags. The only thing I LOVED was a cream vintage carryall ... it was marked down to $336, but I didn't have enough money. It's one of those things I will regret later.


    Although, it really was a cream, not a white. It was gorgeous, the SAs there and I drooled over it. The SA that was helping me loved my Daphne too .... she said I was the second person to come in with it, and she HAD to have it! They got one chocolate brown one in that morning, and she bought it while I was there sans discount. I guess in order for the SAs to get the discount, they have to wait until the store closes, and she didn't want someone to get it! They were all very nice.

    I ended up getting the bumble bee scarf and cell phone strap, the fruit cell phone strap (which I took off the strap and put on my coin purse like aarti!), a zebra umbrella (which came in handy, because I ran into the actual mall for Starbucks and it was pouring when I left), a flower keyfob, the scribble nano ipod case, and two things I forgot to photograph, the goldfish key fob and the pink zebra scarf. I'll take a photo and add it. I don't know why I got the scribble nano case, I don't even have a nano! It was just the last one and I do want one eventually ... I might not keep it.

    I also picked up a cheap bookshelf at Target and put it together to put all of my purses on. The purses on display are just the ones without dustbags. :biggrin: I printed out little cards with a photo and coach.com description so I know what's inside. I have a whole extra shelf, I must need to buy more things! :girlsigh:
    july1.jpg july2.jpg july3.jpg july4.jpg july5.jpg july6.jpg july7.jpg
  2. One last photo ...
  3. Oh I love everything! Congratulations on getting a shelf, lol. It looks great! The "ID cards" are such a good idea too. (sigh) Still hoping to own a Daphne myself one day.
  4. Very Pretty! I love everything, especially the goldfish keyfob! Congrats
  5. congraaaaaats on your new everything!! the scarf is soo:huh:o:huh::huh::huh: cute!!!! :tender:
    and i loved your fruit coin purse.. the keyfob attached to it matches it just great :love:
    oh the pic you posted afterwords (which i remember u showed us before with a green scarf?) just looks LOVELY! :flowers:
    mmmm what else.. awwww i just adored the cards idea.. never thought of it and how cute and organized it would be! :tender:
  6. Love all your purchases!

    That vintage carryall is to die for! I looked it up on Ebay and they are all going for over $400. $336 would be a bargin!
  7. ^ Speaking of the vintage carryall, iheartcouture has it in brown and it just looks so lovely IRL! (sigh) So many pretty bags I would love to have!
  8. I've been lusting for that vintage carryall for quite a while now. I really *must* get to the outlet next weekend. *sigh* Everything looks great. Congrats on all the great finds!
  9. Goldfish charm/keychain? How much did it go for, do you remember? I'm trying to score one but no luck so far. Gotta watch eBay.
  10. I know, I went on ebay to get the photo and almost died. :hysteric: I'm sure it's gone now!

    The goldfish keyfob was $24! They had tons at the Sawgrass Mills outlet in FL.
  11. Congrats...great taste! I love how organized your purseshelf is. Good idea, I was thinking of putting something like that in my closet but it was like $60.00..too much for me. LOL I'd rather spend my money on a purse..I know it's bad, I'm ashamed!
  12. I still cant tell, is the hardware on the gold fish keyfob gold or silver?
  13. I'm pretty sure it's silver.
    :crybaby:The agony! That's a great price!
  14. tooo cute! now were coin purse sisters! lol i seriously love EVERYTHING, i love the daphne, especially with that goldfish keyfob and the bee fob, i didnt think it looked that nice till i saw yours! i should have gotten it instead of my starfish :sad: oh well still so cute though! that flower and the nano case are too cute! especially together! love the zebra as well. i love EVERYTHING!!
  15. I love all of your new purchases!!

    Great idea with the dustbags to have pics of what is inside, I might have to take that idea from you when I get a bigger closet! ;)