What I did and what I saw. . . .{pics}

  1. Well, yesterday I returned the red M/C tote. It just wasn't me as hard as I tried.
    For me the deal killers were it fell over like a drunk and the chains pulled my hair a bit.
    The bag was gorgeous but I was also concerned about how comfortable it's be over a winter coat as the handle drop is a little shorter than I usually prefer.
    So the hunt for a red bag continues.

    Shannon was out sick so I left her a message to call me.
    She called today and located a white Vintage Tote - YES, the one I returned:shame:
    I should've listened to my heart on that one.
    I LOVED the bag, it had all the right things for me; a color I really need, enough structure to keep the bag upright when sitting, classic enough to last and CRAZY soft leather:heart:
    Shannon is having one sent to me!

    The NM boutique had a red M/C Flap and a WHITE REISSUE!:sweatdrop:

    oooh, last but not least bit COMPLETELY off topic. . .
    Konstantino was doing a personal appearance and brought along some one of a kind pieces.
    I picked up a new cross charm bracelet to stack w/ the last one I bought.
    I brought my DD w/ me and he was SO charming to her, very sweet man!
    I need to snap a photo of the new piece:yes:

    Thanks for indulging me if you made it to the end!:heart:
  2. :Push: OH YEAH! I also picked up the Denise Richards sunnies in tortoise! LOL!
    LOVE them!
  3. "I should've listened to my heart on that one."

    Most of the time, we need to but a lot of wrong bags before we realise which is the right one. At least that's true for me.
  4. Glad to hear you have finally found the perfect bag Swanky! The white VL is really beautiful, the most beautiful color in the collection. I do think you should snatch up the GST black w/silver as well, since the shape of the bag is amazing on you.

    I haven't heard of Konstantino so please do post your bracelet. I don't wear a lot of jewlery but bracelets are a weakness. I sold all my 14K gold to fund my bag collection and now only wear silver.

    OMG, the DR shades in tortoise sound heavenly!! Please model them for us!
  5. Which model are the Denise Richards sunnies? I got some sunnies at Saks last week but am looking to return them. I'm looking for Black.
  6. Sounds like fate was on your side!!!! Congrats on getting your bag back, as well as getting the sunnies.
  7. the black/silver GST was gone!!!!!!!!!

    I'll try and snap some pics real quick. . . .
  8. I'm amongst friends, right?
    I look like total poo. . . . my daughter had her first field trip today and it has been SO, SO windy here all day! I was in the cold wind w/ about 125 kindergarteners for teh better part of the day, I CANNOT believe I'm posting a 'photo'. . . I BEG for your open-mindedness when looking. . .

    these are of the sunglasses, I'll go snap some photos of the bracelet in a moment.

    last chance to turn away! LOL! . . . . .
    DSCF2509.jpg DSCF2513.jpg DSCF2514.jpg
  9. It cracks me up that the word SwankyMama is on that photo!!!! ROFLMAO!!!
  10. I think they look great, you look great in them!!!!
  11. You look great! I love your hair. I can't even grow mine past my shoulders. I have always wanted long, flowing hair.

    Love the sunnies in tortoise. How come you have such perfect skin?!
  12. i love those sunnies looks great on you swanky. Congrats with the original bag.
  13. thank you guys, LOL!

    Roey, that's really sweet!:heart: That's actually end of the day - no traces of make-up left look :sad:
    I have started faithfully using the Chanel tinted moisturizer and I SWEAR TO GOD my skin photographs SO well now! I'll be forever loyal to that product:yes:
  14. Here's my Konstantino, the top/single strand is my first piece, now I'm hooked! LOL!
    DSCF2516.jpg DSCF2518.jpg DSCF2524.jpg
  15. Wow Swanky, I love all your goodies.