what I cheated on vernis for!

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  1. thank you all for helping me choose my next epi bag! :tup: I went with .... the soufflot in vanilla!! I was carrying it to class yesterday and was SO glad I went with the soufflot for the summer instead of the speedy. it's so hot and icky, I would worry about the handles, haha. I'd have to wipe it down all the time.

    here are some pics of my lovely baby (and some kind of recent epi additions)! love the epi, even though vernis will always be my true love. :love: :roflmfao:



    all dressed up!


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  2. Ooo so cute! I love epi! You look great with it ;) My bf actually tried convincing me in getting something epi instead of the azur. He says Epis are gorgeous. ANd that's HUGE coming from a dude that doesn't believe in designer anything!
  3. ooh I love the scarf you have on your soufflot! isn't it the greatest bag?!??! i love mine too!!!
  4. Very cute :smile:
  5. Very cute. Congrats.
  6. beautiful!
    am thinking of getting something in epi too.

    thanks for sharing!
  7. Love the Vanilla Epi bags, your Soufflot is TDF. Great choice!!!!
  8. it's gorgeous!! congrats!!
  9. I love Vanilla Epi and the Soufflot is such a beautiful understated classy bag. Great choice! I love mine!
  10. Vanilla is so pretty!!
  11. Very nice...and you look beautiful, too! Congrats.
  12. oh congrats! looks very sophisticated;lovely.
  13. Looks great with the scarf!
  14. drooling...that's my favorite epi bag.
  15. You simply look gorgeous with your bag!!!