What I carry in my MC Speedy

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  1. I just wanted to share what I carry in my Speedy and how much it can hold. The weight is sorta of unbearable LOL!
  2. Thumbsup 5x !!!! I love your style ;)
    Congrats on your goodies !!!!
  3. Everything looks so pretty. Love black MC the best
  4. Gosh, that's a lotta MC LVoe!!! Oooh, I adore that Aviator! Kudos ;)
  5. MC mania in the house!!

    I love everything!!
  6. :thinking: hmmm, I’m starting to think you like MC :biggrin:

    Everything looks beautiful, congrats!
  7. Awesome pieces!!!
  8. You have started my lust for black MC lol. Now I want something!! Looks so beautiful!
  9. Love it, you are on a MC Black roll!
  10. WOW! Someone really loves their black MC ;)
  11. oohhlala...so delish! now i want that cosmetic pouch and cles too!

    Very nice!
  12. all that MC :drool:
  13. Holy moly...

    Do you like LV?

    Haha, thx for sharing. Beautiful MC!
  14. Love it all!!! It's such a gorgeous set!
  15. Whoa! can't have too many MCs:smile: gorgeous.