What I can fit into my 28cm Kelly & bodyshots

  1. OK.
    I figured we know how grand and huge the Birkins can be. And I've heard many say the kelly 28cm is small for daily use.

    Here's what I can fit into my 28cm Kelly
    Although I don't wear it for everyday use. I find it big enough for any occasion!! (Other than for work/school)

    I can fit a digital camera, key wallet, long wallet, small agenda, sunglasses,a small makeup pouch, and a cell phone (not in the preview picture but threw it into the bag).

    Here goes!
    kelly1.jpg kelly2.jpg kelly3.jpg kelly4.jpg kelly 5.jpg
  2. And some body shots of how the 28cm looks on me.

    I'm 5'4" and about 110lbs so you can have a good idea. (Although I wore a 4 inch stilleto for the pictures! :lol: :lol: )

    Not small for me!! (Sorry about the poor picture quality...)
    km1.jpg km2.jpg km3.jpg km4.jpg km5.jpg km6.jpg km7.jpg
  3. You look hot in the dress! Nice bag!
  4. Thanks for the great shots joanna. The 28cm Kelly looks GREAT on you! :love:
  5. LOL.. thanks birkinbaby
    you wouldn't say that if you could see my face!!
    I had a facial mask on!
  6. I said it on the other thread but I'll do so again. SUCH a gorgeous bag. How I :love: :love: Potiron!
  7. Joanna - the 28cm Kelly looks fabulous on you! Thanks for all the pics and body shots. I prefer the 28cm, only because I recently bought a 32cm Kelly (haven't posted pictures yet) and it is very very spacious... maybe a little too spacious. I'm only 5'0", and I think the 28cm would have been fine for me to put in the normal everyday essentials.
  8. THank you Gigi
    It is people like you that makes me wanna help others too!!
  9. Thank you Greentea.
    I would LOVE LOVE to see a picture of you holding a Potiron bag in the near future!!!! ;)
  10. Potiron is one of my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the kelly is soooo lady-like ~~~~
  11. OH OH OH I wanna see your Kelly bag pictures!
    I can only imagine what you can fit into your kelly. lol. Hee Hee you are so petit! But I do think it's not only what you can fit into the bag that determines if it's a good style for you, but also your personality, style, and how you wanna look.

    I'm sure the 32cm looks beautiful on you. No doubt.
  12. I love your bag! I wouldn't have thought the 28 would hold so much. Thanks for all the pics.
  13. you would never believe how happy you made me.
    sleep shmeep - though i really am logging off after this, but i will look at your pictures every single solitary day until i get my own (crazy, maybe, but i'm not kidding), and that could well be a year of looking at them. i've spent hours trying to find good pics on line, i've bought japanese magazines devoted to hermes, all just to find what you've just provided.
    the bag looks beyond perfect. beyond! so beautiful on you. that's it, by the way. there is zero question. 0 in my mind now. it will be a 28 for me. thank you thank you thank you.
    i have taken a lot of time, and i've taken up a lot of patient posters' time trying to decide this, so i am very serious about the conclusion. and how fantastic the bag looks with everything - a pair of pants and add that bag and WOW! you are very lucky. enjoy it! and thank you for sharing some of your good fortune, because really i cannot stress how much pleasure i get just from looking (and i can't wait until i get my own). thank you again. and the sweetest of dreams to you, when ever and where ever you get them! xoxo
  14. I DO feel like a LADY when I carry it.. LOL!!
    Not something I feel frequently these days with school, exams, no cultural life, no shopping, no social life...etc

    But thanks to PF at least I can enjoy late night fashion/bag cravings!!!
  15. joanna the bag looks fabulous on you and it's a lot bigger than i thought it'd be.....i'd heard everyone saying it was too small but i'm about your height and i love small bags so i'm happy i can go smaller :lol:....