What I Bought While Waiting for Stephen....Yes...I'm Impatient *PICS*

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  1. Yea....I am super impatient....so I went to Chicago yesterday to buy some stuff for Stephen!
    I contemplated an agenda....but they didn't have a Pomme one...and then I saw these other things as I was wandering around the store...and alas they're mine:yahoo:
    Stephen should be here tomorrow....and of course I'll post pics!

    Some boring pics of the boxes:


    Now the LVOE bandeau...yea I know...no big deal. BUT I've been wanting it since it came out! I tried to find one when I was in Boston and Seattle (to no avail)...and finally found one in Chicago ($120)


    Now this one I saw on a mannequin...and promptly grabbed it! I missed out on the original Stephen Sprouse scarves...and I think this one is part of the LV Cup collection. It is going to look HOT on my Stephen...and looks great in my hair!!! Probably better for Fall...but I LOVE it ($145)


    And then finally....I saw this on a Dentelle speedy and HAD to have it!!!! The perfect bag charm....love the gold detailing!!! I love rondes....so this is perfect...and it has that great Vernis smell! It is also big enough to hold CCs ($375....the store had one left after this one).

    With flash:

    Without flash:

    So that's my day....oh and I did stop and Hermes for a twilly...here's a quick pic (great vibrant summer colors!)

  2. WOW. All that AND a Stephen, that's quite a haul. Congrats on everything, they look great.
  3. Thanks Michelle!!!!!! I'll try to post pics of all that stuff on the Stephen!!!

    The bad thing about the Trunks and Bags is that it is quite big (bigger than a regular ronde)....so it'll really only work on larger bags..like the Stephen :graucho:
  4. wow congratulations - what does it say down the Hermes twilly - I cant seem to make it out
  5. holy crap! woman!!!! i love the ronde thing- but oh so pricey! lucky u!!!!
  6. kimmy: it is the address of Hermes in Paris :smile:

    Thanks suzie! it is gorgeous...but still painful...costs as much as a LE pochette!!! The prices of LV are starting to get crazy on LE things!
  7. Congrats on your purchases! I love scarves in my hair too, I have yet to put one on a bag. I saw some of the new rondes today too, but I didn't see any in vibrant colours, just beige. Pls post pics of your Stephen tomorrow!
  8. congrats! great stuff! I sort of did the same thing while waiting for my baggy last week. I went online and bought a new wallet and cosmetic case.
  9. Congrats on some great pieces!
  10. Congrats great items!
  11. Thanks everyone!!! I will definetly post up pics of Stephen tomorrow!
  12. Beautiful goodies! :yes:
  13. beautiful!! I really like the Tinkerbell pouch, espically in the Coral, but I cant justify paying 375.00 for it!! I :heart: your Hermes Twilly as well, its so cute!
  14. Wow, gorgeous everything!!!
  15. congrats:biggrin: