what i bought this week.not bag

  1. hi,,
    since i already learned how to use photoshop..(10mins ago...i just driven my boyfriend crazy:sweatdrop:)

    here is something i bought this week...the timeless cluthe i already post .so for save the space..i m not going to post it again.
    照片-1070-1.jpg 照片-1081--1.jpg 照片-1073-1.jpg 照片-1084-1.jpg 照片-1085-1.jpg
  2. here .more pictures
    照片-1088-1.jpg 照片-1089-1.jpg 照片-1105-1.jpg 照片-1097-1.jpg 照片-1095-1.jpg
  3. gorgeous accessories!! Congrats!!
  4. wow, they look so vintage, reminds me of the egyptian / persian times!

    so fab! :smile: enjoy ! xo
  5. Very nice!!
  6. you're on a roll, girl! everything's so beautiful! congrats!
  7. ooh, where did you get the bracelet, I love it.
  8. oh Congrats !STUNNING pieces! love esp the necklace and the gothic bracelet:nuts:!Wear them in good health!
  9. wow!!! so many beautiful pieces!!! congrats!
  10. I love Chanel jewels! The necklace is so pretty, I love black and aqua together, looks stunning!

    Everything is so pretty, congrats!
  11. That necklace is awesome, love your stuff, congrats!
  12. everything is so pretty, congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. Love the variety, so chic. Congrats!!!
  14. gorgeous!
  15. Oh my gosh what beautiful jewelry! I didn't notice that necklace at the boutique yesterday. I just bought the same earrings but in white! And the matching white necklace with a little clover!

    Your loot is gorgeous. :yes: